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kristenlea 07-28-2011 03:14 AM

Bad Abscess, still lame!
Hi all.
So heres the story. my horse got an abscess about 2 months ago, wich led to another 2 adscesses in the same area. The vet returned a couple of weeks ago, as he was still lame, and said there is nothing left in there it is just brusing, which is what the farrier thought aswell. so i have just been putting iodine on it and keeping it clean- he seemed to improve a bit but in the last couple of days has showed a bit of lameness in the trot. I called the vet again and they are saying its most likley another adscess. but since it has been so wet here, im thinking it just hasnt had a chance to hardened up yet (was on the sole), which is what the vet origionally suggested. is it possible for a horse to stay sensative on a brused hoof for a few weeks, considering the wet weather? or , like the vet is now saying, is that too long and i should have the it checked for another abscess. basically im sick of spending money on 'check ups' ( poor uni student! :-()
So any hoof pros out here? could he just be sensative?

p.s is only slightly lame when trotting with the sore hoof on the inside. and the hoof has been kept very clean.

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