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brodieluver26 07-28-2011 07:33 PM

Stiffness??? (really have no money for a vet)
I was wondering what could stiffness really mean for my horse and in general? My horse is an 11 year old 15.3 hand Quarter Horse/ maybe appendix, and he gets ridden almost everyday except the days I lunge him with side reins.

My horse is a jumper and has jumped up to 3ft so far. I have only had him for a year an a half and before that, he was never ridden. He was a backyard horse, no training or anything. I taught him how to jump and all of the english cues.

Riding my horse is difficult because in a way he is still green! He is 11. He loves to jump but he hates flatwork. He really does not respond to leg cues and he doesnt like to bend :? BUT when my trainer rides him she gets him bending and everything yet it takes some spurs and some strong leg!

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My friend does dressage, but her horse recently went lame so I told her she could ride my horse.

My horse is not even close to a dressage horse! He doesnt have the training for it, and we are still training him to ,move off the leg better. He draggs his front feet alot unless you "wake him up" or jump (he gets excited), but he is just and overal, calm, lazy, horse.

Well my friend rode him in our outdoor today and she only rode him for 20 minutes because she said he felt very stiff, dropping shoulder, and along those lines.

Our outdoor has deep sand and it is hard for my horse to move in it :P
So I asked if she would like to go in the indoor which had better footing. She said he still felt stiff but not as bad.

I DID ride him all week except for one day, and I did jump him alot the day before my friend rode him.

So what I'm really asking if he is stiff because of training issues, or if he is sore from jumping so much? I hope it is not arthritis, i don't see swelling, he didnt think twice about jumping (he loves it) he wasnt limping or favoring anything, and I already have him on joint supplment (smart pack). And yess the saddle fits him fine said the ciropractor! The ciropractor did say he is a horse that needs a good 10 minute warmup, and carrot stretches because he is a little stiff, but is it possible for him to just be a horse that gets stiff and because he is still green to bending?? He eventually works out of it! Thank you for your time!

nicole25 07-29-2011 10:49 AM

did you notice the stiffness too or is it just your friend saying this?

riccil0ve 07-29-2011 10:54 AM

My guess is training. Horses don't start out soft and supple, you have to work for it. =]
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Zimpatico 07-29-2011 10:59 AM

My older guy is really stiff through the neck, shoulders, and back too. It's something we have to work on EVERY time we ride. Lateral work helps a lot, especially during our warm up, even at the walk. Could your friend give you a couple of informal lessons to teach you some flatwork that could help to stretch and supple him? It'll make him a better jumper and help keep him healthy strong and sound too!

farmpony84 07-29-2011 11:00 AM


Originally Posted by riccil0ve (Post 1116110)
My guess is training. Horses don't start out soft and supple, you have to work for it. =]
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That's my thought. It sounds like he may not be as "limber" as a horse she is used to...

Oxer 07-29-2011 11:14 AM

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my horse is really keen to jump as well. on the flat he will be great for me for about 15 mins and then he starts to ignore my cues and seems to become bored with whatever we're doing. So i've started more with poles on the ground and even just working him on the buckle (lose reins). that way he stretches his neck out, working long and low, and then slowly collecting up the bit.

brodieluver26 07-29-2011 12:07 PM

thank you for all the advice! and yes she is used to a more supple mover even though her horse is a quarter horse also. and by the "vet" mention in the title, I have money for a vet lol but i do not have money for "non- needed vet call" haha

oxer, the pole idea sounds great I think I will try it!

and farmpony84, yes my horse is hard to ride, afterwards she told me she gives me alot of credit for riding him! but i don't think he is that bad at all!

thank you all for your answers! :) if anyone has anymore info/ideas please share! thank you :)

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