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Stakie 07-29-2011 08:53 PM

Wanted: Driving Horse
Hello everyone, didn't know if this should be here but I think it's the best spot.

Anyway, I am posting this for my fiancee. We don't expect to buy right away but for the right horse...

Looking for a driving horse. Needs to be healthy, obviously prior driving training. Must be good with beginners. Would also like to be broke to saddle though this would be mainly a driving horse. Must have no vices. Good for the farrier. Non aggressive obviously. Loads easily, traffic safe, good being groomed. Can stand in one place for long periods of time (Haha, I like to take my time tacking and grooming.) I am pretty much looking for a "bomb proof" driving horse.

He would love to have a Gypsy vanner of any sort, Farien, or Draft Horse.
A dark black coat is a plus.

However, if the horse fits the criteria I don't think it matters the breed.

We are located in Central PA but we are willing to go anywhere in the state. Will also travel anywhere in New Jersey, upper Maryland (Boarder), Southern New york (Close to boarder), and MAYBE the states of Deleware,Virginia, and West Virginia.

Thank you very much!

Stakie 07-29-2011 09:40 PM

If i knew how to edit I would but;


Stakie 08-03-2011 03:18 PM

He that also found a big soft spot for percherons.
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