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horsesRamazing 07-30-2011 08:45 PM

What Did You Spend On Your 1st Horse?
I'm a first time horse buyer I know what i'm aiming for and what i'm in for but i want to know what other people spent on their first horse! So if you could help me that would be great please state what province or state you spent the money in!

How much did you spend on:

-Mini Vet kit
-the actual horse
-hoof trimming
-pre- vet check
-tack box
-grooming supplies
-trianing equiptment
-feed (including a bucket)
-board fee

If i missed any main expences please share them and if you don't know exactly what you spent a epproximate amount would be apprciated!

Thank You :D

Julirs 07-30-2011 09:52 PM

I am in Florida and have a horse on trial-here is what it has looked like so far:

-Mini Vet kit
-the actual horse-have not purchased yet-but $1500-$3000
-tack-so far only a dressage bridle at $40-which actually turned out to be a nice bridle! Looking to spend $700-$900 on a used Dressage saddle.
-hoof trimming
-pre- vet check-$235
-tack box
-grooming supplies
-trianing equiptment
-feed (including a bucket)
-board fee-$650 a month at a very upscale barn

I will keep you updated as I spend more money!

ShutUpJoe 07-30-2011 09:54 PM

$600 and he wasn't broke. We broke each other.

livestoride 07-30-2011 10:03 PM


Originally Posted by horsesRamazing (Post 1117953)
I'm a first time horse buyer I know what i'm aiming for and what i'm in for but i want to know what other people spent on their first horse! So if you could help me that would be great please state what province or state you spent the money in!

How much did you spend on:

-Mini Vet kit - free from my husband's work
-the actual horse - $800
-tack - Bridle cost $200, new Wintec AP was $500, access for saddle (stirrup leathers, irons, girth etc..) $100, halter $20
-shoeing - we are barefoot
-hoof trimming -$35
-worming - free from my husband's work
-pre- vet check - didn't get one
-tack box - probably around $60 with the actual bag and all the brushes etc.
-grooming supplies - see above
-trianing equiptment - I took my mare to a professional trainer's barn for 3 months when I got her. It was $650/month for training and board which included all equipment and she was worked with 5 days a week with some days a lesson for me.
-feed (including a bucket) - we buy Purina Startegy. I think we spend roughly $120 for 8 bags which lasts 2 horses 2 months. So thats $30 a horse a month.
-board fee - now we pay $300 a month for full care stall board with an indoor arena, an outdoor hunter ring, an outdoor dressage arena, trail access from the farm, an 11 jump xcountry course.

We are in Wisconsin, USA.

Hope that helps!

If i missed any main expences please share them and if you don't know exactly what you spent a epproximate amount would be apprciated!

Thank You :D

See my notes above!

ShutUpJoe 07-30-2011 10:06 PM

Oops went back to edit and it was too late. Apparently I'm tired.

-Mini Vet kit--didn't have one
-the actual horse---$600
-shoeing---didn't have any
-hoof trimming----$20
-worming-----$3 a tube
-pre- vet check---didn't get one
-tack box----gifted to me
-grooming supplies---gifted to me
-trianing equiptment-----most stuff was gifted to me. I didn't have a saddle for months though. Traded leading horses around for a kid saddle.
-feed (including a bucket)---Pasture bought treats it was a long time ago
-board fee----$80 monthly

smrobs 07-30-2011 10:08 PM

LOL, I may not be the best person to answer this question. My first horse was free. He had been labeled an "outlaw" and "killer" and my Dad picked him off the killer truck. But, several years later, Dad turned down an offer for $10,000 for him (but along with being completely beginner safe, he was also a champion show horse). Most of the horses I grew up on were either very cheap or free because the had some issue or another. My 2nd was given to us because he was completely lame from Navicular, the next one was $800 because she would crow hop and her owner was afraid of her.

All that aside, if I was looking for a beginner safe horse at this point in the market in my area (Texas panhandle), I think I would likely be willing to go up to $5000 or $6000 tops, depending on what my goals were and what the horse was like. If I wanted a horse to go plod around trails on, then I would say no more than $2000 but if I wanted a horse that I could take to some lower level shows/rodeos and be somewhat competitive, then more towards my top price. Maybe even more if the horse was absolutely perfect in every way.

As for the rest of it, those things can vary greatly by area, all I can suggest is get everything from the internet that you can. You'll get better deals there than you will at some tack stores. is one that I trust completely and I get a lot of my stuff from there.

kayleeloveslaneandlana 07-30-2011 10:15 PM

-Mini Vet kit - Don't have one, the barn does.
-the actual horse-Can't remember...Over 5,000
-tack- 2,000 on Dressage Saddle, and 100 on my bridle including the pretty browband.
-shoeing He doesn't need shoes! :D
-hoof trimming 40
-pre- vet check- Didn't get one
-tack box $10
-grooming supplies In all probley around 50 not including Cowboy magic,Showsheen, Shampoo ect.
-trianing equiptment- Barn provides it!
-feed (including a bucket)- Barn provides.
-board fee-$350

smrobs 07-30-2011 10:26 PM

Oh, I guess I should at least make an attempt to list some prices, huh? LOL.

This is a pretty reasonable price range for those other expenses though

-Mini Vet kit--Wal-mart. You can likely get the things separately and it would be cheaper than to buy an already made kit.
-the actual horse-Varies greatly as stated above.
-tack--Again, varies greatly. Good saddles can run from $300-$400 for a decent used one to upwards of $3000 for a nice custom one.
-shoeing--Can vary from $50 to $250, depending on the area and the individual farrier.
-hoof trimming--Can vary from $20 to $75, depending on the area and the farrier.
-worming--$5 to $35+ depending on the type of wormer and where you buy it.
-pre- vet check--$150+ I don't know what everyone else pays but a thorough vet check (not counting x-rays) here runs around that much.
-tack box--No idea
-grooming supplies--under $10 to over $100 depending on brand and quality
-training equipment--Depends on which equipment you are talking about, maybe just a few dollars, maybe a couple hundred
-feed (including a bucket)--Check with your local feed store because it will depend on which brand you get and how much you have to feed per month.
-board fee--Varies greatly by area and I don't know how much it runs around here because I don't board.

It's also a good idea to keep a couple thousand (more if you can manage it) socked away in an emergency account for emergency vet visits and such. Caring for a severe injury or a bout of colic can get expensive quickly.

Another thing that I greatly suggest is learning how to give your own vaccinations and treatments for minor medical issues. That can save you a great deal of money on vet bills. Learn how to give intra-muscular and sub-cutaneous shots at least. I always keep a bottle of penicillin and banamine in the fridge in the house with clean needles and syringes just in case I need it. Bute is also a good thing to keep on hand. Until you are confident in your knowledge of how to administer those drugs though, I would always consult a vet before medicating.

Brighteyes 07-30-2011 10:45 PM

-Horse: She was $2,000. I got her for a bargin due to her owner being more concerned she went to the right person than getting a high price. She was bought as a weanling for significantly more and was her owner's re-sell project and possible broodmare prospect. She had basic training: two gaits and required ground skills.

-Tack: My saddle, a used Wintec AP, was $300. With girths and pads, I spend about $450. My horse came with a bridle (a nice trail bridle/halter combo) that was worth about $50-70. All my bells and whistles are as listed: Two extra pads at $120 for both, spare bridle for $30, cantle bag for $70, breast collar for $70.

-Shoeing: I have her shod all around for eight months out of the year. She is on a six week schedule and shoes at $120. For the other four months she is shod in the front only, which is $75.I don't feel like doing the math. :wink:

- Hoof trimming: She was barefoot for the first four months. Trims were $35.

-Worming: Included in board.

-Pre-vet check: I'm a horrible person and didn't get one done. Do as I say, not as I do, and get one.

-Tack box: I have a brush holder thing I got for $15 and a $25 dollar plastic bucket for lunge lines, boots, ect.

-Grooming supplies: That's hard to pin down. I got all my brushes for probably a combined $50. I've spend who knows how much on shampoo, conditioner, hoof polish, and that kind of mess.

-Training: My equipment was all borrowed or given to me. My instructor was where the money was at. Lessons every two weeks at $35 a lesson. No bad.

-Feed: Delightfully included in the board.

-Board fee: $250 a month.

Dresden 07-30-2011 11:09 PM

Horse-$2000, 2 blankets were included with him
Tack-$250 for western saddle, bridle, bit, saddlepad. $350 for wintec 500 ap, english bridle, bit, saddlepad, leathers and irons. Strange bitless apparatus was free with the horse.
Prepurchase vet exam+teeth floating+sheath cleaning- $237
Hooves-done the day before I bought him. Should run $50 for me for front shoes and trims.
Tack box if you can call it that-plastic tub from walmart for about $5.
Grooming supplies-combined probably about $50-$100 for everything I got.
Worming-he'd had it done recently but I pay about $5 a tube
Training- he didn't need it, I've taken lessons for awhile before I got him but currently haven't found an instructor I like so zero so far.
Feed-included in board

I just got Lucky about 3 weeks ago. He's unregistered(although he is eligible, the fees are prohibitive since he hasn't been and is coming 11). But he is very well broke, does english and western, and will try anything I ask him to. He's really a wonderful beginner horse. He does fine at low level local shows although I don't think he could be competitive at higher levels.

Oh I'm not counting my technical first or second horses. One I had as a kid and daddy took care of the expenses so I have not a clue. The second was free and waaaaaay too much horse for me. We just gave him away. I spent a ton on that free horse including hospital bills when I ended up with a concussion :)
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