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RD11 07-31-2011 08:55 PM

Am i training my horse to lunge right?...
I don't know how to lunge a horse correctly or train one to do it, but i wanted to try training my horse in my own way...So I started by rubbing the whip all over him so he wouldn't fear it then i made him stand where he was and i backed away from him and stood at his side about 8-10 feet away then i lifted the whip and popped it behind him (didn't hit him)and when he started moving around me i followed him with it while holding it out and up level to his thigh and then lifted it higher and popped it for going faster and then to stop him i lowered the whip and told him whoa and pulled him toward the center. I assumed that if he learned that higher whip meant faster and lower, slower, and whip touching ground, stop, i wouldn't have to pop it anymore or pull him to the center. Is that anything close to how you are really supposed to do it?...

redape49 07-31-2011 09:09 PM

To slow down but not stop, move your body forward smoothly and slowly and stop all "driving" motions. Get about least even with the shoulder line, drop the whip point, and maybe even aim it away from the horse.

Use your vocal command to tell him what gait you want: "Trot" when he is cantering, "Walk" when he is trotting, "Walk" when he is cantering. I usually make the sound sloooooow and calm: "waaaaaaaa-aaalk," "Teeeer-roooot" and so on. You'll want to use whatever you find easiest and works for the horse.

redape49 07-31-2011 09:13 PM

Watch him and move in response to his reactions. If he suddenly throws the brakes, then you moved too forward too quickly. If he doesn't respond, move more forward or more noticeably. Every horse is individual. You will need to watch him as you move and make adjustments.

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