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ilovemyponehh 08-01-2011 03:17 AM

Is she scared?
one of our mares Rocky suffered a severe leg injury a while ago, now whenever we go to touch her she'll shy away.

the injury happened atleast 9 months ago. we'd have to treat and wrap her leg every day for a few weeks, which you could see hurt her everytime. but after it, she was fine. she went back to her normal loving, cuddly self. shes such a sweetheart and sooo adorable. but a week or so ago, my stepdad was trimming her hooves and as he went to pick up her leg (the one that was injured earlier) she reared up and bolted. i understand why she did this, but she wont come anywhere near me now, and even when she does, she'll shy at the littlest touch? its such a change from a horse that begs for attention to a horse that hates it? i understand she may be scared, she doesnt tend to get along with men sometimes, but shes NEVER had a problem with me before, im kind of the one on the property that the horses know wont ever hurt them.
its winter, and she NEEDS her rug, but i cant get it on her :-(
is she scared of ME personally (i was there when she reared)?
is there anything i can do to earn her trust?

pleeease help, i love this girl to bits!

Saddlebag 08-01-2011 06:02 PM

Because horses test each other and their owners/handlers she may have just tried this out of the blue and is finding out it works quite well. Don't tie her, instead hold her lead and ask for her foot. If she moves away, keep her moving by moving her butt laterally. Horses aren't built for moving like this so it's more tiring. Move her hindquarters in a circle by staying near the area a saddle sits so you can't get kicked. When she wants to stop, pick up her leg again. Keep doing this until she's willing to stand and allow you to hold her foot as long as you wish. The next day ask for her hoof again. She may test you but not usually as bad as before. Just be sure you move her around, to remind her.

ilovemyponehh 08-01-2011 06:04 PM

Thanks heaps, ill be sure to try it,
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