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garlicbunny 08-01-2011 07:24 AM

using liquid bacon grease for hoof conditioner
Has anyone tried this?? Just curious as I am just about out and had BLT's yesterday. Just wondered if anyone has tried this. I figured I would ask..thanks!

NorthernMama 08-01-2011 10:46 AM

Nope. Best hoof conditioner is good diet, turnout and trimming.

Tianimalz 08-01-2011 11:50 AM

^^Agreed. I don't think any sort of cooking grease should be anywhere near horses, just no need and kinda gross xD Save it for the dogs. My mare is on constant turn out, semi-regular exercise and a balanced diet- she has some of the best barefoot hooves ever :)

mysticalhorse 08-01-2011 03:08 PM

I have heard that. I have a healthy horse with barefoot hooves but they will chip like crazy. I thought about doing it my self using a paint brush.
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iridehorses 08-01-2011 03:44 PM

Just add biotin to her feed. Great supplement.

garlicbunny 08-02-2011 06:03 PM

ok so why would it be a bad idea..just out of curiosity? thanks!

cakemom 08-02-2011 06:08 PM

Seems to me it would attract ants to her feet.
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garlicbunny 08-02-2011 06:11 PM

well that is something I didn't think about! that is one heck of a good reason..plenty of flies of all need to add any more bugs! thx..

cakemom 08-02-2011 07:25 PM

Youre welcome!
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garlicbunny 08-02-2011 07:41 PM

lol! Thanks..

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