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fefedog 05-26-2008 03:43 PM

de gogue for a rearing horse problem
I have a thoughbred that for no reason has just started to rear . I was out in a field with a group of people and out of the blue he blew up and went straight up with no warning . I was I guess not paying attention as we were just standing waiting for another rider to mount there horse. He went straight up and I saw his blaze at the last moment I had the impression he was going to come right over . I am not new to riding and I guess shoukd have been less comfortable on him but anyway I came off the back as he was about to sit on top of me and when I rolled away from him He came down on my arm and my pelvis . Thank god I had only bruising . This all happened on Mothers Day. Yesturday I went to ride him again now I guess because he thinks he won because I was obviously to hurt to get back on that day . He thinks he can get away with it. I even had someone else try him and he blew up again but the rider not me managed to stay on. Now that you know what is going on I was wondering about this gogue I read it might help with this problem but I never have used one. I do not want to get rid of the horse but I do not want to get killed by him if this is going to become a habit. Let me know what you think . Thank you

moomoo 05-26-2008 03:58 PM

to be honest its worth a try, would your instrictor/barn owner have any training things you could use? (to save you money :))

G and K's Mom 05-26-2008 04:09 PM

I quite like this article. It explains all the different "Gadgets" and what not to use and why. What you are asking about is half way down.

You've left off a lot of information. Such as , how old is this horse, is he OTT, training history, how long you've had him, when he first went up on you was the first time he reared. Also, could something of changed with your tack or the fit? Has his teeth been looked at lately? Have you considered getting a chiro or vet out to look for pain issues?

I would be addressing some of the other issues first before throwing a gadget at him. Possibly enlist the help of a knowledgeable trainer

Horse's go "up" for only a couple of reasons, the main two are pain or fright..

kitten_Val 05-27-2008 06:41 AM

Any mechanical aids won't solve the problem. I've seen horses perfectly reared with the tie-down.

Have you checked him for any pain issues? May be he was stunned by the bee or something like that?

jemma_bailey 05-27-2008 01:05 PM

Have you had your vet check him over for any back pain or problems? Or had his teeth checked? I would suggest getting these checked before going down any other route. I have seen a couple of horses who were discribed as 'bombproof' and then randomly gone up in the air for no reason. One of these horses did have a back problem but the other didnt. After spending alot of money on trainers and still not getting the problem resolved a friend took her horse back and tried to figure out the problem herself. It turned out that the horse had hayfever and had got pollen up his nose which caused him to rear. I hope this helps

fefedog 05-27-2008 08:07 PM

Hi .the horse I was talking about is 15 years old and had not to my knowledge reared before. The day was cool and windy so no bees were present. a friend of mine took him out on Sunday and he was fine till they got to the second field and he let him eat a little grass as a reward for being good. When my friend tried to go back to the barn and stop the eating he blew up again and reared up . My friend stayed on but this sounds like defiance. I will have him checked but he does not appear to be in any discomfort . Thank you

kitten_Val 05-28-2008 06:40 AM

Hmmm... May be he's fighting for getting to grass and trying to scare your friend away. My horse used to strike at me at grass field.

Can you friend just walk him to the field (on ground, not in saddle), let him eat, and then stop him and bring back to the barn? If it's grass issue most probably he'll show it on ground as well.

boonesar 05-28-2008 06:44 AM

My TB too
My TB rears pleanty. I was actually told to buy a tie down when I bought him. I used it for a long time but I don't anymore. He usually only rears on the first ride of the season once when we walked by a bon fire. If he rears I was taught to bring his head around to my knee until he calms down he cant rear if he can't get his head down and then up. Then I make him work hard. Doing small circles at a trot or figure eights. Keeping his feet moving and not letting his head go down or up. This works for my other horse too who is more of a bucker occationally. Usually the more I ride the better they are. He probably is being a bit disrespectul and is trying to get his way. Get on him and don't let him win. Lots of ground work makeing them respect you helps too. You can do that when you don't have enough time to ride or if you are in some pain.

I feel for you. Rearing is not fun.

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