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snickerslove 08-04-2011 09:07 AM

I am new to all this horse stuff. Last May 2010 my little guy was born and then we brought him home in november 2010. We were not suppose to get him home until he was 2 but living situation became really bad. I have been around him from the time he hit the ground. When we brought him home i was able to lead him then winter came and was unable to so when spring came he no longer wanted to be on a lead. I can do anything to him when he is tied. Grooming, farrier and vet...stands great and vet can do anything she wants and touch him where she wants and he doesnt flinch( unless the flies are wicked) but now when i try to get him out to walk or grace outside of pasture he brings his front legs up and tries to dart. How do i get him back to leading like he was before and not want to take off. Im not sure if his living situation and sex status would matter but this is what it is. He is my only horse, he is 14 months old and IS NOT gelded yet. Any and all advise will be greatly appreciated......i want to make this work:?

Doe 08-04-2011 09:13 AM

Firstly welcome to the forum!

Secondly, am I reading this right, you haven't worked with horses before and you bought a colt foal?

Anyone else in your family experienced with horses or is there anyone locally who can help you?

snickerslove 08-04-2011 09:35 AM

yeah and it wasnt that i wanted to because i knew that i was going to have my hands full but i needed to get him out of where he was at. If you have every watched animal cops or anything like that, well picture the worst of the worst. Couldnt stand by and watch his stall mates turn to skin and bone and waslk around in their own with all of that, brought him home 2 yrs early and now have not a clue....and i couldnt bare getting rid of him. I was their when he was born. I have the time and patince for what is instore for us just need alittle guidence and has for anyone else in fam with but there are horse farms around but no one seems to wanna be bothered so that leaves me in limbo and on here.....

x Bustie and Alli x 08-04-2011 09:51 AM

I would get some experienced hands to guide him for a bit. Foals especially ungelded colts push limits and it takes confident and assured hands to get them submissive and accepting humans as domintat. He probs needs gelding too.
Im not saying you wont be able to keep him but what happens when he turns three and needs backing? do you know about the care side of horses? signs of illness and good health?

Its taken 10 years (2 thirds of my life) for me to be properly ready to have a horse because I am the only really knowledgable person in my family about horse care. And I'm still learning and need help every once in a while.

Alwaysbehind 08-04-2011 09:59 AM

I would start by gelding him. That will make your job easier.

Then find a horse knowledgeable friend or trainer to help you with some hands on help.
Some problems really do require someone being there to see what is happening so they can properly guide you on how to fix it.

If you do not know someone, ask your vet or farrier for names of trainers.

snickerslove 08-04-2011 05:03 PM

well, it wasnt suppose to happen this fast. He wasnt suppose to come home for 2yrs and in that time i was suppose to be preparing myself for him. Didnt happen that way. I am going to have to have someone come out and help

snickerslove 08-04-2011 05:06 PM

gelding is in the plan. October is his date and the vet did tell me that he would start acting the way he is before then and begged me to wait so here i am waiting and finding out its going to be a we are ready willing and able to help my little man through the rough spots. Guidence is a blessing though. Thanks

snickerslove 08-04-2011 05:12 PM

I have been getting ready for him since i was sixteen with boces classes and riding lessons ect.....and as for his health care and what not, i do and if i feel that something isnt right the vet is called. He is like one of my kids, there when he was born so making sure he is in tip top shape is the game around here lol.....but yeah, i could have waited if i had the opp that way i was more prepared on the training part cause that is the one thing i have been introduced to. Expreinced hands are going to have to take over for a bit i think. Thanks

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