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Tremor 08-06-2011 11:45 PM

My Miniatures
I figured that since I posted here I would introduce myself to this section.

I'm Tremor (aka Julia). I own 7 miniatures.

From my searching in this little section I am aware that some people aren't too keen on dwarves. Well, I'm sorry, but I own three. Just thought I would get that out there. If you don't like that then I'm sorry. Say your piece and move along I guess, lol. There's nothing anybody could say that could hurt my feelings.

Time for my horses:

Bow (9 year old mare)

I am hoping to train Bow to drive this fall/winter to get her a bit more active. She spent the last 6 years as a broodmare, and next year will be her first year without a foal alongside in four years. I am hoping to get her in front of a cart by then and show her in July.

Pete (yearling gelding)

Pete is my little fun horse. I've shown his twice, and this year he got Reserve Grand Champion Halter Pony in a class of about 10 other ponies. He's a curious fellow, and not much fazes him. You can do just about anything with him. I'm hoping to start him with jumps at the age of three and in driving fall of 2013.

Ale (Pronounced Allie) (3 month old filly)

Ale is our last foal. She's our brattiest too. I showed her in halter in July and she did very well. She set up real quick and before you knew it her class was over. The judge and I didn't want to stress her out any. I am hoping to train Ale in jumps and driving.

Honey (11 year old mare) (Dwarf)

Honey is one of our dwarves. She has no purpose but as a pasture puff. The extent of her training is being halter broke and ground manners. She can bathe, stand for hooves, and clippers and that's about it. We try not to do a whole bunch with her. She's perfectly happy eating and getting her baths.

Teddy (4 year old gelding) (Dwarf)

Teddy is my man. He's taken up position had herd protector. I'm sure he'd think of himself as the Man of the Herd which is perfectly fine; hence the gelding. Teddy is a lot like Honey. We don't do much with him. I am however hoping to take him out into the community.

Connor (yearling filly) (Dwarf)

Connor is my little girl. She's exactly like her sire in looks (color and markings) and attitude. (bratty) I take Connor out into the community whenever I can. I've taken her to one parade where she met Santa and she's been to school twice.

Sweetheart (yearling filly)

There really isn't much to say about this little girl. She wasn't planned; yet wasn't prevented. She's given me a lot of grief weight wise, but has become a plump, happy little girl who loves to play with her little sister Connor. There's not much to say about her other than the fact that her name applies to her most of the unless you're given her a bath.

I figured that I would introduce my herd to you guys since I posted a little bit in this section. You may have seen me on other forums. I'm on many. I could name them off on my one hand. Each forum has a little something it can offer to a person.

Well, tootles! I'm sure I'm chime in on some threads in this section here and there. Probably to say how cute somebody's pony is. lol.

A knack for horses 08-07-2011 12:11 AM

It sounds like you have quite the herd there :lol:

Your minis are adorable :D

DustyDiamond 08-07-2011 12:14 AM

They are all so cute! Great herd :D

tbstorm 08-07-2011 01:31 AM

love them! and i have nothing against dwarves, the first time i saw one was just last month i think ( i live in a bubble) and it scared me out of my mind lol but they are so sweet, just so small :) Love your little herd!!!

Tremor 08-07-2011 12:00 PM

Thanks guys.

The herd is *right* where we want it. Three usuable [driving/halter/jumping] horses (Bow, Pete, Ale), our little dwarves (Honey, Teddy, Connor), and our Wait & See filly (Sweetheart).

[I honestly don't know what to categorize Sweetheart as. She's REALLY short and not quite usuable, yet not a dwarf. Sweetheart is just kind of there for the moment. We're just waiting and seeing how she matures I guess. She has the easy life.]

Like I said, the herd is how we want it. Mares and Geldings. No more foals! Its very content.

2horses 08-07-2011 12:13 PM

They're all cute, but I especially like Pete and Ale.

equiniphile 08-07-2011 12:33 PM

So cute! Would you like to buy our miniatures, lol?

SpiritedLittleCopperSpots 08-08-2011 12:20 PM

Hi Tremor!
Nice to meet you and your herd too. :D

I like that you get them out and about to schools and things as well as showing, that's great.

FeatheredFeet 08-08-2011 09:35 PM

Hi Tremor. Nice to see you again. If you remember a while back, I invited you to our Mini Horse forum.

So nice to see your herd and glad you are getting your horses out and about in the community. Please though, make absolutely sure you educate people about dwarfs and the fact that once a mare and/or stallion has produced a dwarf, they must NEVER be bred again. To breed horses who have already produced dwarfs is absolute irresponsibility.

Many dwarfs face a life - and often a short life, according to what kind of dwarfs they are, of ill health and pain. Plus an enormous expense to their owners. There have been dwarfs known in almost every line of minis, so it is up to owners to breed responsibly.

Dwarfs are often sold at huge prices, but the buyers have no idea that they often come with major medical problems. For those not aquainted with dwarfs, it is not only in Minis they are found. They have popped up in large breeds too.

Here is a site where readers can see many types of dwarfs and understand the heartbreak they pose for their owners.

Dwarf Horses

and another

Our "Special" Friends


weefoal 08-10-2011 10:05 AM


To breed horses who have already produced dwarfs is absolute irresponsibility.

Great info Lizzie. So glad you posted this.

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