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Crossover 08-08-2011 12:39 PM

Triple Crown Products
Okay so I am now a big fan of the Triple Crown Senior. My hard keeping mare is doing great and starting to gain weight after trying so many other brands.

My question is about the other Triple Crown products. Has anyone tried the others and how do you like them? Especially products for foals and broodmares.

Rachel1786 08-08-2011 12:46 PM

I have my TB mare on their 30% supplment and I like it a lot. I use the senior for my 36 year old gelding, it has helped him gain weight more then any other feed, but he is still skinny :-(

tcnhorsefeed 08-15-2011 09:39 AM

crossover- Please know that TC Growth is actually very similar to TC Senior, you get the same fat, fiber and protein content with only a slightly higher percentage of starch and sugar in the TC Growth vs. TC Senior. We have many farms feeding TC Senior from the youngster up to the senior horse. We've had customers feed a bag of TC Growth if they find TC Senior is out of stock at their store. Both feeds offer additional protein necessary for a growing horse, a higher fat level which may be necesssary if you have a youngster that is requiring more calories to keep up his weight as he grows and you get the benefits of a high fiber beet pulp based "complete" feed that has no grains, keeping the starch and sugar low.

TC 30% is a great product for those easy keeper horses, broodmares, babies and senior horses who don't need a lot of fat or feed to maintain their weight but will benefit from the additional protein found in this ration balancer that will provide them essential vitamins and minerals in just 1-2 lbs per day. Horses that are not quite hardkeepers but need more calories than what 30% supplement provides may be getting a mixture of the two products. (TC Senior or TC Growth and some TC 30% supplement)

Feel free to call or email Triple Crown anytime if you have questions on other products!

Royal Pine Buck 08-15-2011 02:22 PM

I have Dillon on Triple Crown Lite. it is basically a ration balancer for grass hay but without a lot of added iron. and also in the correct mineral and amino acid ratios for my area. I LOVE IT and he loves it! he is in good condition on it and it very dappled. so i know he is getting what he needs from it...and my free choice hay and all the turnout he can get.

it is also not have the higher protein as he gets plenty of free choice hay to supplement that.

all the TC products also have ORGANIC selenium so the body absorbs it better and also less chance of overdosing than with synthetic.

i truly love their products. if i ever had to switch Dillon to a different type of grain if he developed other needs . i would stay within the triple crown brand.

walkinthewalk 08-16-2011 09:37 AM


Originally Posted by Rachel1786 (Post 1129277)
I have my TB mare on their 30% supplment and I like it a lot. I use the senior for my 36 year old gelding, it has helped him gain weight more then any other feed, but he is still skinny :-(

36 years old!!!! Bless his Sweet Soul:D:D:D

Unless he is dealing with cushings, insulin resistance, or equine metabolic syndrome, you might think about adding extra protein to his diet by means of pure soybean meal. There are some metabolic horses that cannot have soy --- I own two:?

Soybean meal has the highest amount of protein and amino acids in it to help build muscle; it might be that he's missing muscle rather than fat.

Well soaked timothy/alfalfa cubes might work too. I soak with warm water and shred 3 lbs (two feedings) into wet grass for my 25 yr old Arab that has four molars missing. He also gets the soybean meal at 1/8 measuring cup daily. He is carrying a good weight but is not fat; I can feel his ribs when I run my hand across his barrle and that is where the vet wants him - keeping him on target is what's difficult:?

Now that I've said that, you might also want to check with your vet because the Dollface is 36 years old. I try hard to never give bad advice but I especially don't want to mess up with someone who has been serving Mankind for so many years.

Kudos and Big High Five to you for taking such great care of him:D

Sorry to get OT:-(

Ashley at Rivermont 08-18-2011 12:32 PM

I still have my first horse that my dad bought me in 1985, who is now around 36, that I struggle with keeping weight on. I LOVE TC feeds, but he actually lost weight on the Senior. I soaked it in water too. So what I found works for him is the Legends Maturity. It's a pellet, and for whatever the reason he has gained weight on it. I soak it in water as well.

I feed my weanlings the TC Growth and they look fabulous! My personal opinion is that Southern States makes the best feed around! :)

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