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Jubilee Rose 05-28-2008 05:19 PM

Bathing Tips??
I'm going to be giving Jubilee a full-out bath soon once the weather gets really warm and I just wanted to know everyone's bathing tips. I can't remember what my shampoo is called but I think its just a basic shampoo with a shine or something. It's a yellow liquid. This will be my first time bathing Jubilee so I'm not sure how she'll be. She's not too crazy about me hosing her legs already, so she'll probably shy from the water a bit. I want to pick a day though when its quite hot. Does anyone have an suggestions on how to make bathtime easy and efficient? Any suggestions on good cleaning products? Jubilee has a great coat, but she has quite a bit of dandruff right now. :P Thanks you guys!!

mell 05-29-2008 01:37 AM

before you hose the shampoo off, use a scraper first, then hose it off.
It makes it alot easier to get the shampoo out :D

alex0815 05-29-2008 05:41 AM

what i like to do if i think my horse will shy a bit when bathed, is work them beforehand. So i suggest giving her a good work out on a hot day, then she'll love you for bathing her because it'll cool her down.
we usually just use normal humans shampoo. So if shes got dandruff, try anti dandruff shampoo, that always worked great for us.
also, many people seem to think that its best to spray the water as lightly as possible, only ive found it only makes the horse shy more. Maybe because it tickles them or something? I dont know, but thats what ive found. But i definitely think you shouldnt have much pressure on the hose. You need a little, but not too much because you want her to enjoy the bath right? :wink:

hope it helped, have fun with Jubilee. If thats her in your picture, she looks gorgeous :D

Vidaloco 05-29-2008 06:36 AM

I always start at the front legs and work my way from there. It seems to make them less scared. I have a wash rack which makes it really easy to get them to stand still. If you don't have one, see if you can put one side against a solid surface so she can't move away from the water. I'm sure cross ties would work best if you have those.

Rachluvshorses4eva 05-29-2008 06:38 AM

This isn't really a bathing tip, but I remember that whenever I hose a horse down after a a hot ride, I sprinkle a little on their mouth and they suck it! So cuuuuute!

Jubilee Rose 05-29-2008 01:02 PM

mell - Thanks for the tip!

alex0815 - Yes that is her and I in that pic, thanks!! And thanks for the tips!

Vidaloco - Yeah I do about the same thing with the legs. I can't bathe her on crossties because there isn't a drain in the barn. But outside the barn we have a bathing area with a pole to tie the horse to.

Rach - Haha, that is cute. :P

horsey*kisses 05-30-2008 11:33 AM

my horse wasnt to crazy about water, he still isnt sometimes when he's being yesterday that was fun, i got a bath too, lol
um, i just worked slowly taking bigger steps when he was ready, i always start on the right side on his front legs, i sing a lot with the radio and he calms down real fast, so just talk to ur horse and take it step by step,
my horse actually takes the hose from me if he can and sprays other me...and the horses that are dry and already had a bath... :lol:

PoptartShop 05-30-2008 11:47 AM

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Hmm...if your horse is scared of the hose, try starting from the legs going up...slowly. ;) That usually helps!

kickshaw 05-30-2008 12:18 PM

everybody has their own method, but i personally have a bucket with soap and water and a sponge in works better than drizzling shampoo on the coat, currying it to get worked into a lather, then trying to rinse off...the bucket thing works (and is much, much easier :) )

Vidaloco 05-31-2008 09:03 AM

I should be putting this in as a review under horse equipment, but I'll add it here. I broke the bank and bought one of those EZall horse bathing things. Got the dispenser/sprayer ($33) and a gallon of the soap ($30) I have to say it works pretty good. It makes bathing really easy. Just foam it on and rinse it off. It rinses off quickly and seems to do a good job of cleaning although I think if you had a really dirty horse, a little hand scrubbing should be done.
I can bathe 4 horses and use less than 1/8 of the gallon. A little goes a long way.
I still use the bucket and soap if I have to use some other type of shampoo. I have one now with a skin problem thats getting Aloedine baths. I've been a little afraid to use a different type of shampoo in the dispenser. Anyone use the EZall dispenser with a non-EZall shampoo?

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