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ottbrider 08-09-2011 12:42 PM

LoneTree Hunter Pace
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I love these events at a place about 2 hrs south of me. Super low key and just fun fun fun. My Big Red is out for the season so tapped another jumper - 14 yo 16.1h Anglo to ride this event and by gosh did he not love it! In arg. time classes he was knocking rails left / right at 2'6" level but there is something about intimidating "you better get your butt up & over" that changed his attitude. we schooled & showed on some 2'6" - 2'11" obstacles no problem! :-P

first two photos where we actually took 4th in the last class which I added day of ... usually how it happens -- right! this course was 2'3"to 2'9", at a pace of 325 meters per minute - canter {4:32.28 / 4:37.00 / -4.72} this was called Ugly Logs and part of the Novice course also

next photo (roll top) was our CLASS 3B - LOW BEGINNER NOVICE - SINGLES ~ course of low jumps, 2' to 2'3", at a pace of 300 meters per minute - slowish canter. Water optional 3:49.00 / 3:30.00 / 19.00

last photo (ski jump) was CLASS 2B - ELEMENTARY - SINGLES - course of jumps 18"-2' at a pace of 250 meters per minute 4:22.10 / 3:50.00 / 32.10

obviously my pace was too slow for the first classes. here I thought I was going too fast since it said slow now I know for our October show. I didn't hear them announce what the times/paces should be and I didn't use a watch...

wren 08-12-2011 04:00 PM

looks great! Your horse looks VERY happy with his job!

ottbrider 08-16-2011 05:18 PM

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yes he liked the x-c better than this weekend's Arg. Time Jumping show. he kept knocking down rails and we never made it to the 'jump' off rounds. Not sure if its him being lazy or just tired. he was doing it at all levels.

its clear he has a good jump in the photos so I am perplexed. Back to more weekly lessons now that we have some time off. AND we have a hunter derby in October we're going to be working on his dressage since I've never ridden him dressage BUT I did learn this weekend warming up in the arena he is good at laterals... :D

the "bumble bee" jump gave him fits on Saturday since they were place one after the other .. sunday they had them problem. even did well on a tripple diagnol whereas alot of riders got DQ'ed when their horses tried to refuse adn duck out.

these photos are from the 2'6" course. he knocked down the 1st fence so I knew we were toast (DQed) but I kept going and finished our round just in case.... :-|

Ashley at Rivermont 08-18-2011 12:57 PM

You both look like you're having a great time! Fun! :)

ottbrider 08-18-2011 02:42 PM

keeping it fun is my motto! I didn't realize there is a website which records all your shows. So checking out where we ranked we were middle of the pack --- these were large classes since the last show many stayed home due to lock downs from the Equine Virus. And this is the last show before high point.

So the classes were 20-25 riders and we were in the top 10 ;-) I've only been jumping / taking lessons since Jan 2011 so not bad for someone just knocking it around on trails ... I sure wish my parents had gotten me into pony club but seeing we didn't have money ... I am making up for it in my late 30's :lol:

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