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Golden Horse 08-10-2011 05:31 PM

How does Bert look in yellow?
What do you think? I think I may be getting a yellow saddle pad, I have a few yellow polo shirts for me, so should I get yellow polos for Bert??

BarrelracingArabian 08-10-2011 05:33 PM

i think yellow actually looks really good! :] i love yellow just dont have the right colored horse for it haha :]

MN Tigerstripes 08-10-2011 05:38 PM

I agree, I think it looks great!

Golden Horse 08-10-2011 05:41 PM

I would never have thought of it for a bay (dun) whatever she is but it may just work I think.

I would normally go straight for hunter green:lol:

csimkunas6 08-10-2011 05:54 PM

I like it a lot! I think it looks fantastic on her!!!

MN Tigerstripes 08-10-2011 05:55 PM

Me either. Makes me curious to try it on Soda and see how it looks! Right now his leg wraps are burnt orange

Faceman 08-10-2011 05:58 PM

Yuck - I don't like it, but then I am a guy and we guys have notoriously bad taste...:-(

Maybe if you wash it in hot water it will fade some...:wink:

lovemarcy 08-10-2011 06:01 PM

looks cool! i like the yellow!

smrobs 08-10-2011 08:05 PM

LOL, I am in the same boat as Faceman, I'm not really diggin' the yellow. But then again, I don't like yellow in general :lol:.

Hukassa 08-10-2011 08:29 PM

I'm kinda between boats on it, theirs things that could look worse on her but theirs more that would look better my opinion. It almost washes out her color, but then again I'm not a huge fan of yellow.

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