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DejaVu 08-11-2011 07:10 PM

Bridle melting, and test riding saddles... I need some more knowledge.
Has anyone test ridden a saddle with either Dover Saddlery or Smartpak?

How exactly does that work out? I'm probably going to buy the M.T Annice, but since there are no good english tack stores near me, I figured I'd try out the test rides through them if it's easy enough....

Also, my bridle is like... melting. Well not completely of course, but at the browband the glue is melting, and it's really annoying and sticky. It's just my schooling bridle, so not the highest quality. I'm not particularly suprised though, especially with the not to high quality bridle, added with the heat we've been having.
Our tack room isn't closed in and air conditioned (though that is a WIP. Been in the wood works for a long time. All we need is a lottery win. :lol:).... It's just hanging in my bridle cabinet. So, it's not in direct sun or heat, it's well protected, but the heat still gets to it.
Is there anything I can do to prevent further melting issues, other than just bringing it in the house?

I figure, if it keeps melting to the point of being unsafe, I'll just buy a different, better browband, but I'd like to try and save this one, since it matches and everything.

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