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maggio 08-12-2011 10:35 AM

How to show in a halter class?
Ok so I havent ever shown in a halter class before, I want to know how. What I would be showing is a Paint/Qh yearling filly. It would just be a general yearling class at a local exibition. *I have showed beef cows before so I know a lot about that, just more of the horsey stuff*

1. Since she will only be a yearling, that means I should show her in a halter, not a bridle, right?

2. Can I just wear a polo shirt and breeches with tall boots? It's not a very big show or anything and most people including me ride with our polo shirts.

3. Will she need shoes or can I show her barefoot?

4. Since I won't be riding her, I can put show sheen or whatever on her saddle area?

5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you dont need a crop for a halter class?

6. Do I wear a helmet?

7. Is it ok to lunge a yearling at no more than a canter or will it hurt her joints when she gets older?

8. Her mane is really messy just from being a yearling, so is it ok to trim it a little shorter than 4 inches?

9. You can't touch the chain or you're disqualified? Can I keep it from jingling when we trot?

Ok, if you can answer any of my questions, then thank you.

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