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SonnyWimps 05-29-2008 05:53 PM

Sonny got his pasture buddy back :)
Well me and the BO spend a good 45 minutes just sitting and observing Sonny and Scribbles in the pasture together. They were perfectly fine together, unlike what the two girls said.

Sonny would be at the gate or near it looking at his GF or eating hay...and Scribbles would be farther away just hanging out.

If Scribbles got too close Sonny would turn and pin his ears back, but didn't attemp to bite or kick Scribbles.

Scribbles seemed to enjoy himself though....he was laying in the sun sleeping for a while and even dropped (doesn't that mean the horse/pony is comfortable in their surroundings and such?)

Anyways...we added some stuff to keep them fine and so Scribbles can get water if Sonny gets upset at him

We added an extra water bucket by the run-in-shed for Scribbles
and when they get fed...they'll both get extra and we'll randomly place flakes all accross the pasture so that if Sonny finishes his pile and he goes to Scribbles...Scribbles can move to a different flake

PoptartShop 05-29-2008 08:07 PM

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Aw that's so cute!! :) I'm sure he's happy lol. :D

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