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Fudgelove 08-12-2011 10:14 PM

Huge problems passing in the show ring
Hi everyone! I show 4-h and local shows and need urgent help. All 4-h riders know how important round up is because it leads you to districts and then to states. Well here is my issue; my horse and I are looking great trotting around the ring when we come up behind a pokey horse and then he stops, not listning to my leg to go around the horse and good bye us looking good. We are faster and cover more ground than most of the horses because my guy is big. Not only does this look bad it ruins our rythmn, makes me look like a bad rider and embarrases me. He usually only does this in the show ring. Please any tips on helping us pass smoothly would be amazing, round up is in a week!!

RoosterDo 08-12-2011 10:20 PM

I would say p;practice in your home ring with a friend.

paintedpastures 08-13-2011 12:27 AM


Originally Posted by RoosterDo (Post 1134991)
I would say p;practice in your home ring with a friend.

It is good to practice with someone but if that isn't possible set up markers/pylons & practice twotracking/moving off the rail & back in like you were passing a horse.
When in the ring behind that slower horse don't wait till you are on top of it before you start asking your horse to move out around.Be sure you are watching out a ways ahead of you to see where you are going & plan your course in & around other horses on the rail.Many people fall into not looking much further beyond the head of their horse being too consumed with their horses headset & speed unfortunately thats when things seem to fall apart even more:cry:

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