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Phantomcolt18 08-13-2011 12:56 AM

Jumping Critique Please (Back with lessons)
So I haven't had jumping lessons in I believe over a year. Finances are being very kind to me so I decided to get back into it with the lessons. Yay!

First off...I probably shouldn't have picked such a forward horse for my first time back because I spent a lot of my concentration on keeping him slowed down and controlled. (At the end you can see me trying to hold him back but he speeds over the jumps like a bat out of heck.)

Also the saddle was a tad small but the size I should have been riding in was off for repairs.

I had a great time and I'm so excited to have lessons again.

I am just looking for what I can improve. I know it's going to be a TON of stuff. I know I am not the best rider, I'm actually probably the worst around ~sigh~

Anything nasty, like "You're a horrible rider, quit while you're ahead" will be ignored. I already have huge confidence problems and I don't need anymore.

HOWEVER constructive, kindly put criticism with ways to help improvement will be welcomed with open arms!!! :D

(Also in the beginning of the video with the first clip we found out the jumps were not aligned haha...fixed that quick.) And the ending was thrown in just for laughs not critique. :D

Thank you in advance. Also I had the original clip and the right after I slowed down each clip so it could be viewed easier.:D

Also if you could include times at when the video is for the part wehre you are doing the critique that would be awesome!

Here we go ~gulps~:oops:

Eliz 08-13-2011 01:17 AM

Ok so..

RELAX. You look pretty stiff! It is evident if you look at your legs, see how they sort of swing forward with the motion of the horse? Relaxing into the motion instead of bracing against it is the key. You did say that the horse is more forward than you're used to, so that could be why you're so tense. Just sink your weight down into your heels (don't "lock" them up) and allow your pelvis to move with the horse. When the horse is faster than you're used to, it is easy to go with your instinct and flex muscles, but it actually helps slow the horse if you relax :)

You are in a bit of a chair seat. A good visual is to "point your knee down" which should bring your lower leg back. Sinking into your heels will naturally pull it back as well. It will drastically improve your 2 point as well; you will be more centered over your horse and the horse "pushing" you out as it jumps will become more obvious as well.

Over the jump, I'd like to see more release. At times it looks good, but over some of the jumps you are getting ahead of the horse and sitting back into the saddle before the horse clears the jump. Consequently, you are bumping the mouth. Sometimes you are getting left behind. And sometimes you are right on track ;)

You just need more practice, but for your first lesson in a year, not too shabby! ;) Especially since you were more worried about the horse than yourself.

Oh, and you're sitting sitting sitting right before the jump. This may be the hunter in me, but I think you might be better off (since you are just beginning again) to get into a 3 point 5 strides from the jump or so. It will be easier for you to follow the horse over the jump.

Oxer 08-13-2011 01:25 AM

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if this were my pony... i would trot fences all day until it was painfully boring, and only then, would i canter through lines like that. a little more control and quiet pony will make you a little more controlled and quiet with your body. IMO.

Phantomcolt18 08-13-2011 01:40 AM

Eliz- Thank you so actually helped a lot. Next time I go out I'm going to be riding her little old arabian cross so that way I can focus on what I am doing and not trying to slow down the horse. She also suggested we try a lesson with my horse to see if I am more relaxed. I feel like my release was off because my trainer was telling me "Slow him down, slow him down" so I was more focused on trying to get him to slow down rather than anything else.

This is a different place than where I took lessons before (over a year ago haha) and at that barn they told me to keep my back straight heading into a jump, I was also sitting back trying to slow him really didn't work.

I felt so bad for the poor horse dealing with my horrid riding. I seriously feel like the worst rider aorund right now bleh.....once a western rider always a western rider I guess.

Oxer- I am familiar with jumping just not having done it in over a year on a horse that was a tad too forward for someone coming back into it, kinda threw me for a loop. The next time I go I will be on her older, dead broke arabian cross as he is easier to keep under control. I honestly didn't mean to go that fast =( I was more focused on slowing him down rather than what I SHOULD have been doing. Thank you for replying though =) I'm going to work on trotting the fences at home in between lessons.

Oxer 08-13-2011 02:05 AM

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i do apologize, i thought the pony was yours! oops!
you are a FAR CRY from the "worst rider around". haha! i think you will find your groove once you are able to ride a horse that is a wee bit more of a packer, and when you start to get that muscle memory back.

Phantomcolt18 08-13-2011 02:12 AM


Originally Posted by Oxer (Post 1135174)
i do apologize, i thought the pony was yours! oops!
you are a FAR CRY from the "worst rider around". haha! i think you will find your groove once you are able to ride a horse that is a wee bit more of a packer, and when you start to get that muscle memory back.

It's okay.:D No harm done. Yeah, I do hope I find my groove soon, plus the muscles I haven't used for so long are now mad at me haha.

Falicity 08-15-2011 06:08 PM

At the first jump, you threw your shoulders at him... try to let him jump, instead of jumping yourself (if that makes any sense). Also, try to follow and "release" with your hands more.... you're catching him in the mouth on landing. lots of canter work would be good for you :) Not bad though, the pony's pretty forward!!

Phantomcolt18 08-15-2011 07:38 PM

Falicity--He is VERY forward haha next time I'll be working with either my boy or an older more dead broke horse. After over a yr im a tad rusty =P

MoHoofPrints 08-16-2011 09:36 AM

Phantom don't say things like that about your self! Whether you believe it or not, saying it will make you subconsiously believe it more, and hurt your confidence. It's similar to the fact that if you tell yourself that you are beautiful and you like yourself every time you look in a mirror, it will make you feel it eventually, regardless of whether or not you think so at first. Think higher of yourself, you are certainly not a bad rider!

Also, Oxer was saying to do lots of trot fences to train that silly excited pony, not you, and get him to anticipate less. Although if he was yours, trotting fences would not only help him, but get you more comfortable too.

Other than those things, I agree with what most of what the others are saying (relaxing, leg, and release), but as you continue lessons, everything will come together.

Best of luck, and take a deep breathe and remember that you ride because you love it and it's fun. =]

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