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First time horse owner 03-03-2007 06:24 PM

Can being underweight stunt a colts growth
Hello again
I have a question about my colt Lakota. He is growing and gaining some weight . But I'm wondering if him being in the shape that he was and still is( very very thin and wormy) if that might stunt his growth? I hope I got him in time that he will be ok But i'm not sure... i'm feeding him 2 quarts well half the time it ends up on the ground ( have to nail his feed pan down lol) of platform mare and foal twice aday and all the hay and water he wants. wormed him twice with safeguard and going to worm him with combocare or ivercare on the 13th. Got him on the 27th of jan and he looks better but still needs to gain around 200 lbs we have along ahead of us

Tammy 03-03-2007 10:58 PM

sorry to here about your baby! I hope for the best for him! Thankfully someone like you came around to get him out of the mess he must have been in!Good Luck!

crackrider 03-04-2007 10:28 PM

Unfortunatly it might stunt his growth :( but it depends on how long he was in bad condition for. You may have caught him in time and he'll grow close to his potential. He will grow up to be completely healthy if you look after him but he may not reach his full potetial growthwise. I hope he grows into a big boy for you!!! :D

First time horse owner 03-07-2007 11:52 PM

Thank you both for your caring words. He hasn't had a good start from the time his mother was in foal with him. She was taken from her owner because he wasn't feeding her so she was very down in weight and (my colt's father) which was at the same place had to be put down because he was in such bad shape. Then a women took (my colts mother before he was born and had her 4 month before he was born.) after he was born the lady bred his mother back amonth after she foaled him .. ( in the poor shape she was in ) then took my colt off of her sometime between birth and 4 months old. I think it was because she knew that mare couldn't handle nursing and being in foal too. So my colt was given to a friend of hers and was put in a stall for God knows how long and when I went to get him he was about 300 pounds underweight and covered in manure. I really didn't know if he was going to make it. But my best friend in the whole world who has had horse all her life has been helping me and giving me hope that this little one will be ok. I know he will be because I asked God to watch over him and to give me the knowledge to help him ..

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