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Tremor 08-15-2011 05:35 PM

Feeding Alfalfa Pellets & Beet Pulp
Please note that I cannot change their current diet. That includes the hay that they eat or the grain that they're given. I have to work AROUND that and add to it.

Thank you.

I have four young miniatures that need some more protein in their diet and I've decided to add these in to help with the lack of nutritional hay.

I don't want to replace the hay that I have (1st cutting grass hay) as they'll be fed it twice a day along with their grain. Morning & night.

I am wondering how much to feed them though.

I measured each young horses' heart girth & length to figure their weights.

Pete (yearling) 170lbs
Connor (yearling) 85lbs
Sweetheart (yearling) 105lbs
Ale (3 month old) 101lbs

How much should each horse get to eat daily?

Should I start the 3 month old now to prepare her for weaning or wait to add the beet pulp/alfalfa pellets during weaning?

Please note that I measure feed in pounds, not cups. Bad things happen when you measure in cups. :wink:

Thanks! I would really appreciate the help as I am beyond confused.


paintedpastures 08-15-2011 06:07 PM

Well I'm currently feeding my 2 1/2 mth old beet pulp & alfalfa pellets.She also gets oats & a balanced supplement in the mix plus pasture grazing & free choice hay. Thing with her though is she is an orphan foal so her needs are a bit different than a foal on its mom.

Left Hand Percherons 08-15-2011 11:29 PM

If you're wanting to up the nutritional profile of the diet, BP is the last thing to add to the list. It's basically nothing more than average grass hay with no vitamins. It's also a high fiber feed that will add to the pooch.

Do you know that the hay is lacking in? You can easily up the protein and limit the additional calories by adding soybeans. Roasted or flaked are very stable and do not get rancid like SB meal does. You should need to add less than 1/4-1/2# per head depending upon what else their diet provides. Is their grain fortified and do they get enough to meet their daily requirements?

paintedpastures 08-16-2011 01:36 AM

Well I don't know the OP's reasoning for wanting to feed BP. I started because I wanted to increase my girls forage intake,she would just nibble at the hay.I also wanted to get her on a pelleted alfalfa & supplement.I used the soaked beet pulp to help with softening her pelleted feed & make it more appetizing to her & easier to eat.The Fibre & helping with weight gain also factored in. I have used beet pulp for several years with my show horses & like it for keeping on weight.Beet pulp is not a feed alone feed to maintain a horse but it is a useful in feeding in combination with other feeds.As for it going to belly or pooch as you put,I don't find that happens when you are balancing it with other feeds & they are getting regular excercise & deworming.
Here is a read about BP
The Myths and Reality of Beet Pulp - Susan Evans Garlinghouse

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