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LetAGrlShowU 08-16-2011 09:05 AM

Monday was horrible!!
I was getting married in September of 2012. I hired my wedding planner in April. Last Thursday after corresponding with my wedding planner about linen choices and cocktail hour details, she replies with this left field response that I'm "challenging her with everything she does and if I'm not going to listen to her ideas, she shouldnt be on board, blah blah." I took a step back from the situation and asked her to clarify what prompted that email, since all i was doing was giving my input to my wedding. She went on to say we arent a good fit, that I am abbrasive and hard to work with...
Mind you, I am no bridezilla. I didnt want anything extravagant, when i had ideas i'd bounce them off of her, but I know the typical theme i wanted and let her know before hiring her. She stops responding Thursday so I thought id give it til Monday and see if maybe she was just having a bad day.
Well yesterday was Monday and she quits! Then denies giving us a refund! Six months of sevices, not a single vendor appointment, and nothing to show for our planning. I am now back at square one and not even sure a wedding is what I want anymore. I am so disappointed.

So I head home after work and when I left my house to take my daughter to ballet, I see Aidan breathing hard and stomping his back leg. I thought to myself "time to fly spray them again." And left.

When we got back home it was feeding time and when I went to get their buckets, I all but lost my mind! Aidan's entire right side of his body was covered in wire marks, 2 across his shoulder, 2 across his hindend, and it looks as if his back leg had been wrapped and stuck in it, with gashes and then a decent cut right on his butt. I washed them all really well with soap and water. Then used anti spectic cream and covered it with vaseline. It was still bleeding a little when I went to bed. This morning it looks better, no more blood, and i think the vaseline kept the flies off. He let me doctor it all but he is very sensitive where it looks as if it got wrapped around his leg. :(

I checked the fence line and found some electric wire had been pulled out. I assumed thats what it was and went to ask the neighbor (its his fence) to show me how to repair it. Well thats when his wife tells me that is not from the electric wire. She found Aidan in the seperating paddock with the chicken wire fence flattened out that separates them. I had already complained about this fence when the neighobrs horse got his leg stuck and I had it cut it off of him. I still cant quite picture how Aidan got his injuries but I believe that is the culprit. The neighbor began fencing in another part of the pasture last night. I am fed up, and its only Tuesday.

Now my wedding is postponed until I figure out wth I'm doing about it, and my horse is injured. I've never had to deal with wounds like this. He is a grey horse, but the wire marks are black. Will they always be that color?? :( I feel so bad for him.

End Rant! Hopign this week can only get better.

mysticalhorse 08-16-2011 09:37 AM

Oh I am so sorry about your crazy Monday! Stinkin crappy wedding planner!!!

As a horse mum to lots of wire injuries....the wounds will heal, in about a week the black scab will peel off. And in @ 2 weeks the hair will grow back in. You may want to cold hose his swollen leg a few times a day to reduce the swelling though. That can be really painful :(.

So sorry for you horrible start to the week I hope it improves!!!!!
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TaMMa89 08-16-2011 01:20 PM

What kind of wedding you're planning to have? How big?

My friend got married very recently and organized very nice, cozy small wedding almost alone, just asking help from her family and a little of friends. If my memory serves me, they did that around in a year. Sure it depends on the wedding... would it be able to make quick decisions and hire a new planner? Or organize friends and family to help.

I'm sorry for youe horse getting injured. Those are never nice situations. Wishing speedy recovery for him!

LetAGrlShowU 08-16-2011 01:46 PM

I was only having family and few very close friends, 65 total. I wanted to do it on my farm which is why i wanted a planner. Bringing a venue to your house is a big to do, plus, i didnt want the stress the day of coordinating everyone. I am just going to do something different all together. Even the courthouse is looking tempting. It isnt that I couldnt find another planner, but no thank you. i'm ready to do this for myself without being scammed by anyone else.

Poor Aidan. I am going by the vets house after work to pick up bute for him. I just want to go home and check on him. He seems pretty good, but you never know.

mls 08-16-2011 02:17 PM


Originally Posted by LetAGrlShowU (Post 1138487)
Now my wedding is postponed until I figure out wth I'm doing about it

Seriously? It's a year away and you are postponing it?

A wedding on the farm is no biggie.

The foundation is:

a place to stand (or sit)

Everything else is gravy.

farmpony84 08-16-2011 02:37 PM

You don't need to postpone the wedding silly girl and you can probably do it yourself for the most part but you will need someone to do the set-up. I would just find a new wedding planner. I'm not sure why her ideas matter? It's your day and her job is to lay out ideas but ultimately do what you want. She needs to go away and you need to find someone else.

I'm confused on the wire incident. Do your properties meet? Where is the chicken wire? Do the horses share paddocks? I'm just trying to figure out how to rectify that situation...

I hope your pretty pony feels better...

Alwaysbehind 08-16-2011 02:43 PM

I have to agree with MLS. You have a full year left to plan. If your wedding is as you describe (not over the top) this should be very doable.

If the neighbors fencing is not up to your standards to contain your horses then put in your own fencing so your horses do not have contact with the neighbors fencing.

Scars are just scars. Not the end of the world at all. If the wounds are so bad that you are truly worried about serious scaring you might want to consult with your vet about treatment that might better help the wounds in their healing.

VelvetsAB 08-16-2011 03:01 PM

Depending on how much you have paid the wedding planner, and how much stress you want to add to yourself, you could possibly go to small claims court.

Plan the wedding how you want it, and you CAN do it by yourself. Hire a relatives/friends older, responsible teenager for the day, as the person in charge of dealing with the photographer, caterers and guests. They should also be in charge of the envelope bin, making sure to take them away every so often, and putting them in a specific location in the house, since you will be at home. (I promise a mature, responsible teenager can do this.)

The bridle party can help set everything up the day before and the day of.

Since you are doing everything at home, the year is plenty of time, since you won't be needing to book a hall or church. However, you still might want to look into a tent/awning and the officiant soon, just to be safe.

LetAGrlShowU 08-16-2011 03:21 PM

When I say postpone, i mean stop the planning right this second. For all I know, since the wedding planner didnt actually BOOK anything, its all up in the air. So i dont mean push off the wedding, it could mean move it closer. I just feel a little let down that I did waste so much time. On top of it, before deciding to do it at my home, I had put a non refundable deposit on a venue, which i lost, at my discretion. Between these two instances, i have lost over $1000- though I do ont fault the venue at all- it was my choice to move it ot my home.
MLS- there is a lot more to planning than just having a place to stand or sit. I have to bring in tables, chairs, china, caterers, bartenders, linens, lighting- those are only the foundation for the reception, then you have to do the same for cocktail hour and decor for ceremony. I know I COULD do it, but its just beginning to feel like a wedding is a hassle. But marriage isnt. I'd be happy with a small ceremony in the mountains followed by light dinner and dancing with only our immdiate family and matron of honor.

As for the fencing... the neighbors own the pasture. We have nice white vinyl fencing along the road, and white tape arounnd the other 3/4 of it. There is an additonal attached goat pasture which has the chicken fencing separating the two pastures. I offered to run eletric across the top, and the neighbor said to let her husband decide bc she had already suggested that.
I am not concerned that the scars are comnig from "bad injuries", it just when horses get hurt, they normally grow white hair in that spot. Well my gelding is grey, and the wire marks are black. They didnt break the skin- i dont think. There was no sign of blood there, just black marks (like i said, i am not familiar with injuries- knock on wood). But he looks like hes been in battle. I am upset at myself/my neighbors bc i have spoken to them about their fencing before. But i love having my horses at home, and that pasture is my only option unless I board two horses which probably isnt feasible. On top of that, she didnt even tell me! She said she was going to, but forgot because she started cooking dinner. I dont blame her, its not her fault. But MY horses have never been hurt here, and she brings in this other horse and now Aidan is hurt.. just not happy- but it is her pasture, plain and simple.

Alwaysbehind 08-16-2011 03:27 PM

What you are now describing does not fit into what I would consider not extravagant.

Hire a catering company who will take care of the dishes and linens for you. Some I would guess might also do the tables.

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