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LoveStory10 08-16-2011 10:50 AM

Can someone help me with my book?
I've been told that I'm a very good writer, and not to be vain or anything, but I think so too. I love writing and people have always enjoyed reading my stories and poems. Last night my mother and I were contacted by a publisher(!), and they have told us that if I want to, they will PUBLISH a book of mine! I was so amazed and happy.

They told us that a popular theme is like olden day/historical type things, which I think is wonderful, because that is my favorite thing to write. So here is the "basic overview" of my book:

It's set in Ancient Greece, as a war between the Greeks and Romans. I've done tons of research, and am pretty confident about this... Also, it has the Greek and Roman gods in it, who also join in the war, but the catch is; The Greek and Roman gods are the same beings, just with different names, so it is basically self destruction. And they are fueling the war to make it an extreme big thing.

Now, a young Roman man, and a young Greek woman (who at first is disguised as a man in order to get into the army), have to put their differences aside, and travel to the City of the God's in order to stop them before they destroy the world. But along the way secrets are revealed...

What I need help with is the part in bold. Women/girls, or even guys, why would you disguise yourself to join the army. What is the motivation? Pride? Loyalty? Please give me ideas.

And would anyone be willing to read it as it goes along? What do you guys think? Would you read it if it was published? Thanks :D

Phantomcolt18 08-16-2011 06:48 PM

Hello fellow writer! haha

I love the idea of your book it sounds great. I have 2 novels on the back burner right now...darn you writer's block. And I am currently working on a new one that literally came to me in a dream.

Now on to helping you.

If I was a woman who dressed up as a man to get into the army I feel like, for me, it would have to do with self pride/rebellion. To show that look I may be a woman but I can do anything I want. I can run with the big dogs and guess what? No one is going to stop me. But then again I grew up kinda tomboyish so I always had to compete with the boys and despite my grandmother saying I should be more ladylike (ie. not burping, crossing legs all the time, wear frilly stuff~shudders~) but I did have a girly side haha.

Hope this helps any.

SMCLeenie 08-18-2011 01:06 AM

Wow love the idea!

If I were to disguise myself as a man it would probably be to prove that my gender did not make me weaker than men, or if for some reason it would save/help someone I loved and cared about.

LoveStory10 08-18-2011 08:23 AM

Thanks guys, that is definitely a great idea... now all I need to do is a ton more research, and start on characters and chapter ideas :)

Hidalgo13 08-18-2011 08:28 AM

It reminds me of Mulan. :) How she goes to war in place of her sick father and ends up bringing pride into the family.

LoveStory10 08-18-2011 08:43 AM


Originally Posted by Hidalgo13 (Post 1140982)
It reminds me of Mulan. :) How she goes to war in place of her sick father and ends up bringing pride into the family.

It kind of does doesn't it? Lol, except in my book, she ends up potentially saving the world :lol:

Hidalgo13 08-18-2011 08:55 AM

haha yes. Don't worry I wasn't thinking it was the same or you were copying or anything. :P

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