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Buckcherry 08-16-2011 01:22 PM

Acupuncture.. For Hock issues?!?
Ok so I had the vet out today for my 7 year old OTTB gelding.
We started 30 days of training and had to stop because he was showing signs of soreness in his back (so I thought)

So during the exam the vet discovered that his issue is in his hocks and stifles. He does not suspect ring bone or bone chips. But is thinking it could just be signs of arthritis.

The vet recommened trying cosequin ASU, losing weight and trying a couple sessions of acupuncture. IF this doesnt work we will get more agressive with treatment. (possible hock injections)

So my question is has anyone had experience with acupuncture and did it work?!?

IndiesaurusRex 08-16-2011 03:51 PM

I did work experience for 2 weeks with a family friend who practices acupuncture, and I gotta say, it really does seem to work!!
I know it sounds a bit hokey, and I'm not sure I believe in the traditional explanation of energy channels and meridians and such, maybe it just affects nerves and muscles? But it does seem to really work, as how can an animal succumb to the placebo effect, they have no idea what we're doing!! If nothing else, almost all the animals we saw in those two weeks relaxed during the session, some just relaxed in their muscles, others were falling asleep!!
Maybe just try a few sessions, and judge the results for yourself :-)
Hope that helps.

walkinthewalk 08-16-2011 04:13 PM

I have had all four of my horses acupunctured for some "thing" and it always worked --- except for the hock arthritis on my metabolic horse:-(

It worked for about three days on his hock arthritis. I have him maxed out on the dosages of chondroitin/msm and hylarin/boswelia which do help immensely.

I have a very expensive infrared pad that helps in the winter but, geez, it has been so hot and humid, that I haven't used it on him since early May.

When the vet comes in September to do his six month physical for Equine Metabolic Syndrome, I am going to have him x-rayed so I know precisely what I am dealing with - truthfully I don't need those x-rays, but I need to see what's in there or isn't in there. My vet wants to avoid injections if at all possible, so I don't know know what the next step will be.

He is 24 and by the time he walks from his stall, thru the paddock to the main pasture he is moving pretty good but it breaks my heart that I really can't ride him too much because he is my Heart Horse and we've "been thru some times" in our 21 years together:-( He's the Fella in my avatar.

I am sure not saying to give up on the acupuncture because it may work wonders for your horse. If you can afford (money) to take the chance to see, I would take it in a heartbeat:-)

Poseidon 08-16-2011 05:10 PM

My vet also does chiro and acupuncture. When I got my mare, her hip was out of place, so when she was getting adjusted, the vet mentioned acupuncture because something was off. It was really cool to watch. My vet uses a little laser thing instead of needles but she said Abby had a liver qi stagnation. She did some poking around with her laser and Abby calmed way down.

Since I had no means of hauling Abby to the clinic and hour or so away for scoping in December when my vet and I suspected ulcers, she used acupuncture on Abby's stomach spots to diagnose the ulcers. It was pretty sweet.

Buckcherry 08-16-2011 11:51 PM

Thanks everyone.
We are difinatly going to try the cosequin ASU and possible acupunture the vet said it would be like $50 a session and we would do three to start. So really if that works then it would be worth the money.

I just feel bad, that maybe he has had these issues but they are just showing up because we were working him harder and Just thinking that he could have been in pain this whole time breaks my heart.

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