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Cocoa 08-17-2011 11:53 PM

Critique 2 year old Paint/TB trail prospect
Im super interested in this colt as a winter project and would like to know what the experts think...

2 years old, Paint/TB cross, would be used for mainly trail riding, possibly endurance, local shows/gaming depending on what I get into in the future. Basically I would like him to be a all-around horse. He is about 14hh and is expected to reach 15-15.2. I have seen both of his parents as well as several full/half siblings and they are a really beautiful line of horses....although maybe Im biased :D

He also has a super laid back personality, he has not been gelded yet (I plan to upon getting him) but has a great temperament acting like a much older more mature horse. I went and worked with him today and had him lunging at a walk/trot quite pretty quick even though he has never done it before. He seems eager to learn but not in an excited, in your face, hyper way....

I love his white eye lashes

Cocoa 08-17-2011 11:56 PM

aww crap ment to add the pics not the URLs! Sorry!

waresbear 08-18-2011 12:15 AM

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Can't see much from those pics to critique, but every body shot I see ribs. He prolly needs to be wormed.

paintedpastures 08-18-2011 01:46 AM

He is a bit leaner weight wise than I'd like to see.what stood out to me & would be concern is his fine legs & weak/lax looking pasterns :-(. The appendix bred QH & Paints I've seen have had more substance/muscle he seems to have taken after the leaner TB side of things in build. As far as height 14hh as a 2 yr old he may make 15hh but wouldn't expect much more.

franknbeans 08-18-2011 07:03 AM

I would agree with Painted...the pasterns look super long to me, and weak. I am just not crazy about the way he is put together....but I am not an expert, by any means, and with a 2 yr old it is hard to tell. His neck just looks realy thin and I don't like the way it ties in.

On a side note, where are you in NY? Just curious-I am south of Rochester in the summer.....

csimkunas6 08-18-2011 09:53 AM

First off.....I am biased due to I own a Paint/TB as well....completely different conformation than what I was expecting....I agree with he has taken the TB side over the Paint side....hes a cutie though :) Good Luck!

Alwaysbehind 08-18-2011 10:07 AM

Another vote that those pasterns are just plain scary. They do not look like something that would hold up to more than very casual no strain riding.

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