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horseeyfarmgrl16 08-20-2011 09:06 PM

Best Fencing
What do you think is the best fencing option?? We are looking to buy a horse, and I would like to know what you consider the safest, the most cost friendly, and what will last quite a few years without too much money spent on repairs. We were thinking electric fence. Are the ads of 'Electro-Braid' true? Is it really the least expensive and the safest? (for horse and human) What do you recommend??
Thank you!:D

Koolio 08-21-2011 12:44 AM

We recently purchased an acreage and fenced it with 4 strands of electric rope fencing. The rope is similar to Electrobraid, but it is a nautical nylon and significantly less expensive. I would have also used Electrobraid if it were more readily available where we are. We used 5" wood posts and screwed in insulators made for our type of fencing. After 1 year, I am very happy with it. The fence has not required tightening and it has withstood extreme weather (we have wicked cold, snowy winters and warm summers. We haven't had one fencing accident with the horses. We electrify two of the four strands (top and third down), which works well. I think our horses have been zapped by the fence maybe twice, if that. Like the Electrobraid, the rope is white and thus easily visible. I also mow around the outside and inside of the fence to ensure weeds don't ground out the circuit and to discourage the horses from eating closer to the fence line.

If you choose electric or any other kind of fencing, it is important to install it correctly. Use the factory made fasteners, insulators, etc. intended for that particular type of fencing and be sure to tighten the fence to factory specifications. Our fence is not super tight as we only hand tighten it. It is meant to give a bit if need be. I know a few people who either didn't use the correct fasteners or under / over tightened their fences and had problems.

Darrin 08-21-2011 02:01 AM

I like to use electric fencing myself but with single strand wire instead of rope. I stay away from nylon for two reasons. One is after a few years the sun rots out the nylon and it can break in a good wind. Second reason is the small wire strands twined into the nylon don't all meet wherever you have a splice, that means a real drop in fence effeciency over time with repairs.

Take a pair of wire cutters with you to the store and test the wire before buying. The wire you want is the one that cuts real easily. Reason you want it is it will stretch and break with little force if your horse gets in it. The tough stuff doesn't break without a heck of a lot of work and will tear up your horse but is good for cattle.

I'll string three wires, middle wire will be tied to ground and top/bottom hot. That gives a better route to ground when it's dry if they lean into the fence. With year around wet ground that middle wire isn't needed.

EDIT: Forgot to add buy a fence charger that is way over rated for the mileag of fencing you need. You'll have a hotter fence the horse respects more and it will also be able to zap them even with some grasss/brush against it.

LovesMyDunnBoy 08-21-2011 02:15 AM

I can't recommend a specific kind, it's obvious to stay away from barbed wire. And if it's square wire, make sure a horse can't get a foot thru it. I had an accident with my mare recently. Our fencing is. Four by four inch (I think) wire with a string of barbed wire up top (I wouldn't have chosen, here when we moved in) and she was loping down the drive way and tried to go between a tree and the fence and got tripped up and fell on the fence, she had some good gashes. And my fence took a beating, a teepost is bent at a fourty five degree angle against the ground you want it to have give. but now enough room for a wire seems like a good idea. I would be worried to use it alone though, maybe in addition to some wooden panels. Imo
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PaintHorseMares 08-21-2011 06:23 AM

I used to very 'old school' and only use sturdy field fencing, e.g. no climb, but with the cost of fencing and the time it takes to put it up, in the last 5 years, I've switched to using electric rope fencing and love it. With fairly level ground you can get away with a post (wood or t-post) every 30 feet and a single strand, but we did put two strands on a side of one pasture because of the deer.
It's very inexpensive, fast, and easy to put up and our mares don't mess with it. Also, easy to repair and bounces back from tree limbs, etc. We haven't had any problems with deterioration from the sun or drops across splices.
I agree to get an overrated charger...for the small additional price, you'll get a lot of additional zap if you have weeds, etc, and making sure you have a good ground will help you more than anything else (with any electric fence).

MHFoundation Quarters 08-21-2011 08:47 AM

We are re-doing some of our pastures right now. I'm not a fan of high tensile\electric wire only fence. While it is cost effective and low maintenance, I've seen the results of one that got ran through it and couldn't use it myself after seeing that mare.

We are doing all of our stud lots over right now. My hubby splices fiber optic mainline for the cable company and while doing some work talked to a foreman at the electric company. We had a big storm roll through awhile back and they had a lot of poles to replace. They delivered me a truckload of treated telephone poles for free, even with them having broken ends they were still 30 ft long - made 3 fence posts out of each one. They made awesome heavy duty fence posts! We put 52 inch red brand horse fence up with 2 strands of hot wire inside and out (top & bottom). It looks great & it's very strong. TSC had all red brand on sale a couple weeks ago here, they do have a good buy on fence every once in awhile. I got 330' rolls for $149 each.

I have a friend with 4 strand hot tape on her whole property. Looks nice & pretty cost effective but she did have one who went right through it. I think my mares & gelding would do fine with that but I wouldn't take the chance as we do have stallions.

There are so many option and pros\cons to every kind. I'd love to have vinyl covered board fence but putting that around 50 acres is definitely not in my budget :(
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eventerdrew 08-21-2011 09:01 AM

The best fencing, in my opinion is plank boards with mesh no-climb fencing such as this (where I board):

However, at my own house I use electric wire. In Kansas, anything else gets blown around or rain damaged too much.

horseeyfarmgrl16 08-21-2011 11:03 AM

I really like the 'electric rope' ones. It is highly visible to horses (and humans). I was looking at the Electro-Braid website and it said there is a 25 year warranty (hopefully by then I'll have moved out and have my own place :D ) The ground where I think we're going to put the pasture is pretty flat. We have a Tractor Supply close by and I think they have Electro Braid, so its available to us.

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