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Rowiep 08-21-2011 09:49 AM

Solid Bred Paint Showing
Dear Fellow APHA owner,
I am writing about Solid Bred paints. You may or may not agree.
As many of you know, there are many, many solid APHA bred paints out there that are virtually worthless because of the lack of white in the prescribed areas.
If you are a breeder, you have seen many beautiful show quality paints either sold for nothing or given away because they do not qualify for regular registry.
When breeding, the first thing that hits us all is the disappointment when the solid foal is born, then the time wasted and of course the immense cost of breeding and keeping the mare.
Suppose you want to show your Solid? The classes are so small, you would be lucky to get one point if any at all. It is a very expensive venture.
Is it time for APHA to reevaluate the solid horses and make change’s, allowing breeding stock to show with colored paints in everything but colored classes? APHA is a breed organization. So regardless, a paint is a paint is a paint and not a cull.
I personally see this as a win win situation for everyone. APHA will increase membership, registration and entries. The local club, the trainers, the owners and the breeders should all profit in the end.
Bottom line is, people need to voice their opinion to APHA. Otherwise no change will happen and things will stand as status Quo.
It only takes a few minutes to write to them. They are here for us and like us, want to improve and keep up with the times.
If you agree, please pass this on to as many people as possible.
Here is the history of the paint and how it started (which is on the web site).
As you can see it says they called paints with white feet pinto’s.
In 1519 the Spanish explorer Hernando Cortes sailed to the New World to find his fame and fortune. Along with his entourage of conquistadors, he brought horses to help his men search the vast land for riches. According to the Spanish historian Diaz del Castillo, who traveled with the expedition, one of the horses was described as a "pinto" with "white stockings on his forefeet." The other was described as a "dark roan horse" with "white patches." These were the first known recorded descriptions of early Paint Horses in the New World.
By the early 1800s, the western plains were generously populated by free-ranging herds of horses, and those herds included the peculiar spotted horse. Because of their color and performance, flashy, spotted horses soon became a favorite mount of the American Indian. The Comanche Indians, considered by many authorities to be the finest horsemen on the Plains, favored loud-colored horses and had many among their immense herds. Evidence of this favoritism is exhibited by drawings of spotted horses found on the painted buffalo robes that served as records for the Comanches.
Throughout the 1800s and late into the 1900s, these spotted horses were called by a variety of names: pinto, paint, skewbald, piebald. In the late 1950s, a group dedicated to preserving the spotted horse was organized—the Pinto Horse Association. In 1962, another group of spotted horse enthusiasts organized an Association, but this group was dedicated to preserving both color and stock-type conformation—the American Paint Stock Horse Association (APSHA).
This group thought the varied, distinct coat patterns of the American Paint

steedaunh32 08-21-2011 03:28 PM

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Amen. My girl is a 5yo APHA solid bred, has wonderful conformation and is just an overall great mare. I would love to be able to show in paint classes!

cakemom 08-21-2011 03:35 PM

We have a solid as well, with a gorgeous blue eye and a bald face.
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Ace80908 08-23-2011 12:38 AM

Then show anyway... there are classes for paint breds, if enough people showed up for the classes the points would come... I plan on taking my paint bred mare down to the world show this year for fun... I know the classes will by tiny - which is fine by me because she is only three and not far enough along to be competitive anyway...

The classes are there, we just need to fill them :)

Indigosblue 08-23-2011 12:47 AM

we have two solid chestnut paint-breds at the barn and they're both wonderful. Nobody shows just paints around here (no breed shows that i know of), so it's not a problem... If i owned a solid paint i would show just to stick it to the fancy paints, lol. Eventually if enough people do it it will probably catch on, but not without grumbling from the non-solid types. also...around here a "paint" can look like many things, we just had one come in that looks 100% arab and i've seen heavier draft types as well as tall warmblood types. All claim to be paints, so it sometimes gets confusing and many people guess the horse's breed wrong anyways...

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