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Wheatermay 08-22-2011 01:54 AM

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This is Buck, my Quarter/Arabian Cross gelding. (Named Buck b/c he looked like a little deer when he was a baby). I know this forum gets this question alot but it never seems to help me, so I made and account to ask once and for all! He is such a light color that he just doesnt seem bay to me or my horse friends. If he was one shade lighter I'd say Buckskin, but he isnt of course. His mother was a sorrel, and his father was a black and white, but thats all the linage I know. His father has thrown palominos before, tho. His face is darker than his body, but it doesnt have a black point except for the skin. He has a dorsal stripe/countershading (I know its not the same thing) thats a dark brown and about an inch wide that runs from his withers at the mane to his tail. He has red tips in his hair, and those are there all year around. He has black rimmed ears, but the tips arent half black. He has white ticking though his barrel. His legs seem lighter towards the back and they are chocolaty colored except for his back legs, which the backs of them are black. I am tired of trying to figure it out, so tell me what I should be calling him...

Poseidon 08-22-2011 01:59 AM

I would probably call him a light bay to be honest, but he looks like he has a more golden sheen to him and I know someone had a horse that looked very dark and reddish like that that turned out to be buckskin through testing. You could test him for cream for $25 to be sure. Horse Tests

Do you know if the palominos that his sire threw were out of buckskin or palomino mares? That would help.

Wheatermay 08-22-2011 02:02 AM

I think he threw them with both chestnut mares the breeder had. He threw paints too.

Wheatermay 08-22-2011 02:03 AM

I always called him a bay, but all my horsey friends say they arent sure if he is or not, and I met a lady at a horse show who had a dun, and described him to her, but she said he may be red dun, but I know thats not right.

Poseidon 08-22-2011 02:06 AM

No, he's not a dun. I would guess his sire is a smoky black, not black then, which you wouldn't know just by looking at him. So he could be a buckskin.

Peppy Barrel Racing 08-22-2011 02:09 AM

neither parent is a dun so he can't be a dun he is most like a bay, maybe the creme gene is contributing to the lightness of his coat. A buckskin is a creme gene on a bay horse. Do you have any baby pics?

Wheatermay 08-22-2011 02:10 AM

His daddy was half arabian and black and white paint....And the owner bought him at 4yrs old, so he didnt know what the father looked like, and had lost the sire's papers that told you that in a house fire. I saw pics of the broodmares with all their offspring from the past 4 yrs, and also pics of them grown and I was surprised myslef at the palomino, lol...

Peppy Barrel Racing 08-22-2011 02:12 AM

the creme gene can pop out when you least expect it sometimes.

Wheatermay 08-22-2011 02:14 AM

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Yes, I have baby pics! Give me one moment!

Peppy Barrel Racing 08-22-2011 02:18 AM

He looks like my new baby Jet. His momma is a Palomino and his daddy is a buckskin. I think lil jet is a bay roan.

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