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iloverains 08-22-2011 03:50 AM

Turning a Broodmare into a performance horse???
Okay, so I'm buying another horse, well a 16ish hand high, Mare. is what I'm after, to do Eventing with.

I've found this one, and really like the look and sound of her. But she's had a foal (yes I know shes very green inexperienced etc. that's what I'm after, a project kinda thing to do Eventing with.)

her ad -
Beautiful well mannered Broodmare or Project - Warmblood - Horsezone

Because shes had a foal, just weaned, will this be bad? or affect her in anyway with her performance as a Eventer?
I've heard that some mares are satisfied after having just one foal and then a better performer.

I would suspect it wouldn't be at all a problem, but some of you might, so please anything you think or even that I should look out for, like if shes had a infection before, during or after the pregnancy.

(your welcome to critique the horse) (:

Another question - does anyone know of a serious competition Broodmare? or a mare that's had a foal or two.

random bit of info, if it somewhat helps -
I have a mare that has had foals before, we got given her with another horse we have, shes 16 years old, and performs great, never puts a foot wrong, shes a ex endurance horse, so shes a tough Crabbet Arabian. I have done ODE's on her, 80cm, and she was perfect. But shes not a serious competition horse. So even though she has had foals, can't tell without pushing her through her paces.

Now that I think about it, she was still seriously competing after her first few foals. And was still winning, in her Endurance with her previous owner.

Thanks heaps.

wild horses 08-22-2011 05:18 AM

lots of mares have foals and then go on to compete, i know one grand prix SJ mare that had a foal at three before she started her career. lots of sporthorse mares will have a foal before they are even broken in, i worked for a breeder who did this with all her mares, they all went on to be succesful, probably even calmer because they had already had a foal.
i have a mare that was mustered from the wild, she had obviously had foals before and came pregnant, i have had no problem breaking her in and starting her riding career, lol and she was wild to boot. i did wait for her foal to be weaned tho...

jumanji321 08-22-2011 05:11 PM

You know who Sapphire is right? The show jumper? She had two foals and then returned to the show circuit. It's very possible to show a former brood mare. The ones who've had lots of babies just might have that little extra tummy from before.

iloverains 08-24-2011 04:34 AM

mm, thanks heaps guys!! (: and no, i haven't heard of Sapphire!

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