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KDW 08-23-2011 01:06 PM

Weird bumps?
Okay, so last weekend my friend took my 7 year old gelding to his first fair ever! (I went along too of course!) First big show, we usually only do backyard shows. Well Kodie is quite plump right now and kinda out of shape, but he ran well considering he has never done anything like a fair (barrel racing, pole bending, yes but not to this degree) he ran 11 second barrels (13th out of 32) (not cloverleaf) and 22 second clover leafs. (17th out of 48) With poles not so well in a penalty of 5 seconds for knocking one down resulting in 31 seconds. (It was a green horse class)completely new environment for him. He did quite well I think at least for him, huge amounts of improvements on his times could be reached of course but that is not my concern right now.
My concern is, after he finished running for the night, I checked him all over as of course any owner would and should, and found two lumps in front of his kidneys (so I know there is nothing wrong with them)but right behind where the saddle pad/saddle sat. On each side of his rump. That night (Saturday) around 11:30 was when the whole shebang ended, they were smushy almost like fluid pockets. The next morning they were hard as well, just like they had always been there...I don't know really how to explain it. They were not there before Saturday, only appeared after all was said and done. They are not big lumps and if he wasn't my horse I probably wouldn't have noticed them, but he's mine and I noticed. They haven't grown at all, but it's Tuesday and they are still there. Should I be worried? They don't seem to hurt/bother him as they did bother him that night when touched/massaged. Perhaps just pulled muscles? This was the hardest he has ever ran, as I do not open him up, and only do w/t/c with him. Right now I am waiting on a hip replacement and am not able to ride, that is why I had a trusted friend ride him, she of course feels horrible, but it obviously isn't her fault. Can any of you guys think of what this issue might be???

natisha 08-23-2011 01:43 PM

Without seeing exactly where the bumps are I will venture a guess that it is swelling caused by your saddle. If there was a lot of pressure on that area the saddle kind of pushes fluids out, then if the saddle is removed too quickly the fluids rush back in (blood & lymph) & the swelling occurs. Rebound edema.
You could try putting the saddle back on & slowly tightening it as when you rode, leave it on then very slowly loosening it again. This should take more than an hour.
Your saddle may no longer fit as well as it once did but this can happen with even a well fitted saddle if is removed to quickly after a work out.
Another option would be an epsom salt poultice.
As it is a couple of days old these measures may not work & if they don't only time will get rid of the swelling.

KDW 08-23-2011 04:14 PM

I just got my camera back today and I am going to try taking pictures of the bumps tonight. It was NOT my saddle, it was her saddle she used so we suspect it was because it was a different saddle.

natisha 08-23-2011 06:37 PM


Originally Posted by KDW (Post 1147210)
I just got my camera back today and I am going to try taking pictures of the bumps tonight. It was NOT my saddle, it was her saddle she used so we suspect it was because it was a different saddle.

You failed to mention it was a different saddle, so I did not know it was "NOT" your saddle. Sorry.
Sustitute 'your' for 'the' & my answer remains the same

KDW 08-24-2011 08:49 AM

I apologize Natisha..and thanks for the help.:-)

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