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AnnaT 08-23-2011 02:29 PM

Any Furcadia Players?
Anyone here play Furcadia?

The screenshots are old and don't do the game credit

I run the most popular horse dream (its like a world) on the game currently :D
Just wondering if any of you play?
Great game if you love roleplaying and/or art or if you just like chatting.

If anyone decides to join and wants to find me, once you make your character go to the B "Go To" tab and go to AI (Allegria Island) and hit F3 till it says "Main Hall" in your chatbox and then head North...West and in the main building you will find "The Wild West" and under that it says "Horse Roleplay". That's me! If you can't find it type /Caz yourmessagegoeshere and thats sending me a pm (known as a "whisper" in Furcadia)
You can also use this link furc://thewildwest when you have the game open, this will get you there without all the directions.

I also have an unrealistic dream and you can whisper me to find it, its in Allegria Island too and its called The Woods.

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