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brodieluver26 08-23-2011 07:58 PM

Watcha think of my hunter/jumper prospect? :)
I call him a prospect because this is the end of his second year in hunt seat training and of me owning him <3! he is about 11 years old! He was ridden western when I first got him and he only knew how to walk/trot!!! haha!

We went to our first jumping show in june and he did good! He was only a little spooky with the show grounds but overall he was a dream! I only show him in low jumpers around 2'3 to 2'6!

Can you please critique his progress so far? For now he is too hyper/green to be in hunters so for now I show jumpers! lol

here is his cow jump! lol he really doesn't jump like this, he took a close spot, so this was a honest jump on his part! I think the jump is 3ft

this was a video still, so i appoligize for the poor photo quality. He overjumped a little but he took off at a great spot. This is a 3ft fan

schooling 2'6 in a lesson

schooling on the flat. getting him to sorta use his big butt! lol

And for videos of him, here is my barn website. He is in any of the videos named brodie :) Riding Videos - Bayberry Stables Show Team and Riders

ok so thank you for reading and to make this critique semi intersting......WITHOUT looking at my horses page, can you guess what breed he is or what he LOOKS like? haha we do not have papers for him, so we go by the breed that the owner previously mentioned!

lucky2008 08-23-2011 09:02 PM

When I cheated and looked at the breed I was shocked! Lol I thought he looked like a warmblood :)
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ponyjocky 08-23-2011 09:50 PM

I'm sorry but his whole body screams quarter horse. that hip and head are dead give aways.

lucky2008 08-23-2011 09:59 PM


Originally Posted by ponyjocky (Post 1147630)
I'm sorry but his whole body screams quarter horse. that hip and head are dead give aways.

I am not good at guessing breeds!
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maura 08-23-2011 10:18 PM

I have no guess as to breed; however, I have some concerns about your horse's jumping form and the way he uses himself over fences.

The first photo shows him with his forearm below vertical, and very loose below the knee with his right front. It always concerns me when I see a horse do something radically different with each front leg or be very uneven. He's making a huge effort with his back and head and neck, trying to compensate for the fact that he doesn't know how to use his front end.

Second and third photo shows some improvement, but the overall impression is the same - not a tight front end, uneven and loose, overjumping dramatically with head, neck and body. Third photo also shows him engaging unevenly behind - usually a sign of unexperience or a badly balanced canter on the approach

IMO, this is a horse that is trying his heart out for you but lacks the basic skills to do his job. If he were my prospect or brought in to me for training, I would spend a *lot* of time increasing his fitness and working on grids and gymnastics. He would not be jumping single fences or courses for some time. In addition, when he started back jumping single fences, I would construct them carefully, with rolled out ground lines and lots of filler, to give him every chance to see and judge where he wants to wear his fences.. I would not jump with false ground lines or no ground lines until I felt he had advanced several levels in his jumping ability.

You haven't posted a confo photo, but from the flat photos, I suspect he is straight legged behind. Fitness is extremely important for horses with this confo to avoid stifle problems. I would introduce hill work gradually and keep it as part of his routine.

Good luck with him, he has a fabulous attitude. A little training will go a long way with him

brodieluver26 08-23-2011 10:58 PM

Thanks everyone! And maura, why are you very concerned about his knees? Many horses have sloppy knees. He actually does tuck them sometimes so in the first picture it would make sense for him to be sloppy because of a close spot due to my own rider error. My trainer really hasn't said anything about his knees and it usually (if he does do slopped knees) is his right front because he is a little stiff in that shoulder. Mostly his canter to the fences are balanced but afterwards he tends to get the wrong lead or cross-fire. That would be my error also. Also that was the highest he has ever jumped before (the over jump picture) so he stretched his neck to clear it because it was new. And as for the confo pic I will try to get one up. My trainer didn't really say anything about his confo with his legs. And I'm working with side reins and ground work, but I don't think he has to go all the way back to the mayjor basics. I will however try gymnatics for him but he never seems to have a problem with jumping and no one has really said anything! I will take your critique into consideration and see what my trainer reccomends! :)
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tinyliny 08-23-2011 11:48 PM

I am glad to see that Maura made her full explanation of her concerns , because I , too, immediately noticed how his front right forearm sags, and it made me remember a video posted by another member showing a spectacual fall she had when her pony caught his foot on the fence, due to not lifting his forearms enought That is why I felt concern when I saw the jump shots.
I am not a jumper, but I could see it right away. Listen to Maura.

The horse is a very typey QH , IMO.

Elana 08-24-2011 09:00 AM

Honestly? I do not like this horse's jumping. He lacks the freedom through his shoulder angles to proeperly use his front to clear fences at higher levels. He hangs his knees and does not fold well over fences in any of the videos I looked at.

He is calm between fences but not enough forward and not collected between fences. He probably will make a 2'6" horse but from the videos, jumping is not his forte due to his conformation.

He could improve between fences with work on learning how to collect and extend IN gaits. His canter is slow but not collected so you have nothing to extend on approach or over a fence. If you think of collection like a spring, you get your horse collected and round with energy and you release the energy of that collection so the horse can extend over the fence.

In the two stills to help him collect and move forward you need to sit up straight, drive him forward into your hands with your seat and legs. In the images you are leaning forward and he is just going along (which is also evident in the videos).

None of this will improve his front end or his hanging knees which can be dangerous as the horse is very much more likely to 'catch a rail' as he is going over a fence (which can cause a nasty wreck).

He is a nice horse in his attitude and I like him, but not so much for jumping. I did not look at the breed but he jumps like many Quarter horses (and he has a QH rear end).

brodieluver26 08-24-2011 12:15 PM

Ok thank you everyone for the critiques so far. Elana even though I do not agree with you critique I thank you for it anyway. I will post confo shots and I don't expect to get perfect ratings on them. However, when you said jumping is not his forte, I completely disagree. Yes he is a quarter horse and they are not "breed" for jumping like the warmbloods, but he loves jumping. I know he is not a fancy breed for jumping but his forte is jumping, we tried manythings and he did not enjoy them like he does this equine sport. I've gotten many compliments on his jumping at shows. I do not show rated or high levels. He has come such a far way from when we first got him so I would like to give him credit. He is still learning so therfore I do not expect him to be perfect. My friends warmblood hates jumping even though he was breed for it, he does not have the attitude for it. He does tuck his knees and in the videos he did just not perfectly or super tight like some people prefer, I don't expect so since they were low and he wasn't trying. I do not jump him that high a lot, that was just a fun day with my trainer. I usually only jump 1ce to 2wce a week. Other days are lunging, ground work, and basic dressage training. So again I thank you for the critique and I don't want this to sound rude, I just get deffensive with my horse because he is my baby and I believe in his ability to jump. And I believe each horse has a different jumping style, like each golfer has a different approch to a put. My friends thourgoubred is the same with the legs, my horse is just stiff in the right shoulder somtimes. I know he isn't a warmblood and I don't expect him to be, he is a quarter horse that loves to jump and who is STILL in training. Confo or not he has the heart. So thank you for the critique, I know he isn't perfect to some but to me he is and I am going to continue to work with him.

For others, here is my last thread about hunters with my horse. Thank you.
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Elana 08-24-2011 12:29 PM

You put your horse and riding up for critique. I simply indicated what I saw based on my experience both riding and training horses.

If you did not want a critique, then you should not have requested one? Your response confuses me? However, based on that response I will not comment further.

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