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jfisher256 08-23-2011 11:46 PM

Shipping boot sizes
So when Jasper gets transferred, I may have to use shipping boots on him. I bought a pair sometime last year and have them sitting in the bag waiting to be used! Just out of curiosity, today I went to look at them to just make sure they still were where I first put them. I looked at the size and it said 'Cob.' Now I have heard of people using cob sized shipping boots on bigger horses, but not any taller than like 16-16.1hh. I don't know what I was thinking when I bought them, they looked big enough and I didn't think about asking about the size.

Jasper is about 17-17.1hh and still has room to grow, he's only 4, going on 5 in the spring of 2012. Will the shipping boots I have be too small for him? That is to say that the rescue does require him to have them on while traveling. But just in case, I want to take them back to the tack shop and see if they'll sell them for me and I'll get a new size. I'm also looking to show him in the future so I want them to fit good on his legs.

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