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smezera 08-24-2011 09:10 AM

Skittish Gelding around Mares
I've recently acquired a fabulous horse, Joey. He is a 9 year old 1/2 quarter horse and 1/2 arab. He rides beautifully. Totally dead broke. Very well trained. He and I are still getting to know each other, and I know this will take some time.

My problem is on the ground. When I get him out of the pasture, I have a hard time controlling him. He wants to be by a certain mare. I can't seem to get him to focus on me. I walk him, I have him stop. I back him up. I make him stand. I make him walk around in circles. But the whole time, he is very antsy, for lack of a better term. I take him to the indoor arena and lunge him for at least 20+ minutes. He then calms down, but when I go to saddle him up, he gets all antsy again. After fighting to get him saddled up, I take him and lunge him again in the indoor arena. No problems. Listens wonderfully. I mount him, no problem. I ride him in the indoor arena, no problem. When I go to unsaddle him, he is all antsy again. What can I do to calm him down when I'm not on him or in the indoor arena?

mls 08-24-2011 10:10 AM

He's buddy sour.

Is he new to you, the barn, the whole works?

smezera 08-24-2011 10:22 AM

Yes, he is new to the whole shebang.

mls 08-24-2011 10:44 AM


Originally Posted by smezera (Post 1148082)
Yes, he is new to the whole shebang.

Very likely he is simply worried in the new surroundings and doesn't know you are the 'go to' person yet. He's good when he is working because he knows his job.

Patience and repetition are the key here! Keep doing what you are doing. Perhaps for a while more saddle time and less cross tie time. Let him do what he is comfortable doing!

Good luck!

smezera 08-24-2011 10:50 AM

Thank you so much. I was starting to lose confidence.

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