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trailhorserider 08-24-2011 06:41 PM

Is this a Fox Trot?
Hi guys,

I don't know if this will work or not, but I had a friend video me and my Fox Trotter today because I really want to learn her gaits. I know how they feel, but I don't have anyone really experienced to tell me what gaits she is actually doing. For instance, is this a Fox Trot? I hope so because this is what she does most often. :lol:

I hope the video works. This is my first time trying to upload a video to the web.

If this works, I have another video or two I would also like to show you guys, because it shows some different gaits as well. But let's try this one first. A Fox Trot (I hope?)

Calmwaters 08-24-2011 07:07 PM

Video did not work for me try to upload it to somewhere like photobucket then post the link. That how I have done it on the tropical fish forum I belong to.

trailhorserider 08-24-2011 07:09 PM

Oh darn, it worked for me. It took a couple minutes to "download" but it worked. Can anybody else see it?

vivache 08-24-2011 07:12 PM

It's in a bad format, but Quicktime can play it.

I *think* it's a foxtrot. I think. :'D

trailhorserider 08-24-2011 08:13 PM

Sorry about the format guys. I really don't want to have to register to one of those websites when I really only want to do these few videos and that's it. Thank you for your patience with it. :wink: On my computer, it popped up and did well with Windows Media Player.

Vivache, that you for taking a look. :-) Sometimes I think she is doing a Fox Trot and other times I wonder if it isn't just a hard trot, because it isn't always very smooth.

I had no idea I rode with my hand so high, slightly leaning back (although the baggy shirt might give that illusion) and Izzy's nose is straight out. Wow! :shock: (Note to self, sit up straight and lower my hands!)

Here is another video, if anyone has the patience to look at it. Here is what I see:

Going away from the camera, Fox Trot?

Towards the camera, I see a canter, canter/pace combo (for a few strides), then a hard pace.

Do you guys see that weird canter/pace combo I seem to always get? I guess there is no real "name" for that. I call it a "cant-a-pace." :lol:

vivache 08-24-2011 08:15 PM

I think I saw her hop between a trot and foxtrot.

If you want to make it easy, I can put the vids on my Youtube account?

trailhorserider 08-24-2011 08:22 PM

Sure, that would be great!

We can delete them at some point too, right? I would love to get everyone's opinions, but I don't want them out there for all of eternity. :lol:

I have one more video, should I go ahead and post it the same way?

trailhorserider 08-24-2011 08:27 PM

Last one, I think this features the "cant-a-pace" and hard trot. The resistance at the beginning of the video is because we are going away from my friend's horse. She always moved out more willingly on the way back. :lol:

trailhorserider 08-24-2011 11:08 PM

I just went and watched a gazillion Fox Trotters on You-Tube, and I think Izzy IS in fact Fox Trotting. I slowed down a couple of my videos frame-by-frame, and at least when she is going slow, the front leg hits down just before the diagonal back leg. If it were a true trot, they would be hitting at the same time. So yay, we have a Fox Trot!

I always thought with Fox Trotters you wanted the nose to tip out a bit, but maybe with Izzy it tips out too much? Should I experiment with riding her a touch more collected? It seems like most of the Fox Trotter videos at shows they have their nose just tipped down a bit. And not all are smooth, some look rather bumpy, so I don't think she is that different in that reguard.

As for the "cant-a-pace," I see this colt doing it too at around 49 seconds into the video.

Is there a name for this? Is it an actual gait? Or just a transition between the canter and the pace?

And I thought my equitation was bad until I saw all the show riders. Man, they ride weird! Many of them are all hunched over, looking down, bouncing around, legs curled under the horse. I don't feel so inadequate now. :lol:

trailhorserider 08-25-2011 06:24 PM

So no one will talk Fox Trotters with me I guess.

It doesn't matter anyway. :-(

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