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ShaniNev 08-25-2011 08:36 AM

Stocking Up - Change of Feed (Bran - Copra)
Hey all,

I have recently changed my horses feed to bran and copra to help put on weight as recommended by another horse owner where my horse is kept. 2 days after changing his feet he started stocking up, i would go out to where he is kept and all four hocks would be swollen and slightly warm to touch.

I have googled it a little and have found this can sometimes be due to too much protein. I dont know wether the bran or the copra is the culprit though......has anyone had a similar experience? Any comments would be much appreciated!!!! Thanks a bunch

p.s. i have been riding to get them down....just walking...however i would prefer to get rid of the problem from where it started...and i am changing his feed...i just dont know if its both the bran and copra or just one.....

Saddlebag 08-25-2011 12:03 PM

Bran can cause mineral deficiencies. Stocking up is caused by a dietary imbalance, often too rich for a horse that's in a stall. Getting weight on a horse has to be a gradual process. Owners often overfeed a horse in their anxiety to get weight on them. Be sure your horse gets plenty of turnout, and plenty of hay when stalled. There are pelleted feeds that are geared to getting weight on a horse.

loosie 08-29-2011 03:48 AM

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I think copra is bad news, although I did feed it at one point, after it being recommended for some skinny rescue cases. Unfortunately without going into my nutritional notes, can't give you specifics, but there are healthier, more palatable ingredients than burned, ground coconut shells.

If you're feeding rice bran, this is a good conditioning feed. If however, you're feeding wheat bran, the excessive phosphorus can cause serious calcium deficiency probs, if not in proper balance.

Unfortunately, us horse owners all have our own opinions & who knows what some are based on, so I'd personally(these days, anyway, having stuffed up & learned:oops:) consult a nutritionist before implementing some other horse owner's advice blindly. is one great source.

loosie 08-29-2011 03:57 AM

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Originally Posted by Saddlebag (Post 1149644)
Stocking up is caused by a dietary imbalance,

As I understood it, while dietary imbalances can indeed be a cause, I thought that lack of movement was the general cause? That's why it is common for horses that are left locked up, or on 'stall rest' for injury. I've had a horse that suffered it - not stabled, on good supps after diet analysis. He fell & broke a rib(& who knows what else) & was too sore to walk around for a couple of days. Think it can also be a symptom of liver or kidney probs??

Annnie31 08-29-2011 07:26 AM

Stocking up can happen from a poor trim, too much protein in diet, not enough exercise, a foreign object in foot, and injury. Cold hose or exercise to see if it diminishes right away and go from there. It may or may not be the feed.

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