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iloverains 08-30-2011 05:54 PM

RACING - Asked to do trackwork?!?!
Hey guys,

My sister and my friend work at a racing stable, and the Boss offered me a Job as well, so I'm going along with my sister one morning and seeing what it's all like.

My sister got asked to do trackwork, and she said he also was wondering if I would like to do it. Then, if I'm 'good' at it, he really wants me to be a Jockey, cause I'm small and pretty light.

It would be a busy lifestyle, and I am doing Eventing, planning to go to the Olympics, Rolex etc.

Soooo, has anyone done trackwork? or been a jockey? does it take up a lot of time? I know track work is done early early mornings, so that's alright, just not late shows on TV for me :P

do you know how much they payy? both trackwork and being a Jockey?

sorry it's long /:


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