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nyg052003 08-31-2011 03:20 PM

Horse Rearing up from being scared of dogs
Yesterday some mutts came running out just barking and got within about 4 ft of my horse and he actually reared up a little, my feet came out of the stirrups as i know i needed to adjust them up some, and i semi jumped off and fell but didn't get hurt. Between it surprising me, I'm guessing if my strirrups were correct and me therefore being able to keep my feet in, I should have just stayed on the horse and let him rear and just hold on?

Caught me off guard and didnt quite know how to take it as it all came so fast but i would have just stayed on had my feet not slip.

gothicangel69 08-31-2011 04:22 PM

It depends on how bad the rear is on whether or not you should stay on IMO. I always stay on the small pop up rears to try and settle them down, but if the horse goes up too far, I bail! I have seen too many horses flip over onto their rider and hurt them pretty badly to risk staying on in that situation- sometimes the weight of a rider on their back is enough to off-balance them and flip them if they go up too far.

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