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MouseZ 08-31-2011 07:27 PM

Cheyenne Rodeo
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So I have never heard of Cheyenne rodeo until today, was watching sharkonline's YouTube videos, they seem to be very passionate about exposing cruelty in rodeo. Now I have never been a rodeo fan, I hope I am not pissing anyone off, or stepping on toes, but the actions I saw of these particular rodeo "thugs" as the video dubbed them, was ghastly! Atrocious behavior on not only the poor cattle but the horses as well, even tiny foals.

Anyone more knowledgable on this topic have any updates, causes or just general information on Cheyenne or any rodeo cruelty charges or organizations trying to put a stop to it?

Again not trying to offend anyone, just wanted more information on the subject and figured you guys would be the best source to ask.

ShutUpJoe 08-31-2011 07:40 PM

I watched those videos as well.. But SHARK and PETA are touchy subjects here. I will say I don't agree with what those people did in those videos... But I don't support SHARK or PETA.

MouseZ 08-31-2011 07:51 PM

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You don't say! I absolutely do not support PETA, so no one jump on me lol *huddles in the corner* I didn't know SHARK was at all similar, I was just perusing YouTube when I saw videos of the foal racing, the "wild horse racing" and the tragic death of Strawberry-Fudge. I always thought the treatment of cattle was disgusting, I didn't realize it went further than that.

Fizzy 08-31-2011 07:51 PM

Cheyenne has always been controversial and I've seen the videos. I don't support the wild horse race and how they do things, I think it's wrong. An innocent horse should never die for the entertainment for a bunch of ignorant cowboys who are having "fun". Normal rodeos I do like, go to, and participate in (barrels/poles).

DrumRunner 08-31-2011 08:38 PM

I don't really like the wild horse race at all but I do run barrels and poles. Most rodeos are nothing like that PETA and SHARK make it out to be. The bucking horses and bulls are bred for what they do and they are VERY well taken care of and after a few seasons they are retired and sit in the pasture. Once you've been to a rodeo in person you'll see that it is not a bad thing and can be extremely fun, even for the extreme anti-rodeo people... SHARK is almost worse than PETA to me. I mean they go in a get the hardcore illegal stuff and make it to look like your everyday rodeo. They are ridiculous. I would check out some good rodeo videos before just jumping into the SHARK bandwagon with the anti-rodeo people. Those animals are very well taken care of and appreciated by the people who use them.

smrobs 08-31-2011 08:53 PM

Shark (just like PETA) is notorious for finding the worst of the worst of backyard rodeos where there really aren't any rules and passing that off as what happens in every rodeo, all around the world. Realistically, in PRCA sanctioned rodeos, the stock is generally treated better than many of the riders LOL.

MouseZ 08-31-2011 09:23 PM

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I am definitely not on anyone's bandwagon. Shark is simply where i saw the video. I have friends who grew up in the industry, and have seen cruelty first hand. I am not foolish enough to think every rodeo is horrible. But I have never liked any rodeo sport involving cattle except maybe cutting. Roping and wrestling them is just plain wrong to me. Stressing out animals for sport is sick, regardless of intention or how well they are treated before or after the fact.

MouseZ 08-31-2011 09:27 PM

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I am curious, since it seems the majority of people here seem to be anti-SHARK, and I hadn't even known of their existence til today lol, does anyone know if any other animal welfare groups have taken interest in Cheyenne? Has anything been done or what-not?

AusiisRose 11-04-2011 05:41 PM

Most, if not all PRCA (Pro Rodeo Cowboys Asso.) rodeos treat the animals with every onuce of respect there is. SHARK seems to make a huge deal out of something its not. Yes, in some of their videos the "Cowboys" definitely mistreated the animals. Those men are idiotic and stupid. Dont get me wrong, i participate in rodeos, but in the rodeos i compete in, EVERY and ALL animals are treated with tons of respect. Not all cowboys/cowgirls are like what SHARK points out. They just get only the bad parts of some rodeos. I dont think all rodeos should get the name "mistreating animals" and ect, because its not true. (:

Bearkiller 11-14-2011 01:03 PM


Originally Posted by MouseZ (Post 1157946)
Stressing out animals for sport is sick, regardless of intention or how well they are treated before or after the fact.

You're horses have never gotten stressed out? Even while training? From day one they just stood there and knew exactly what to do? It's all about perpective. Sure some people mistreat animals at rodeos. People also mistreat their pets, usually from neglect. I can't believe how many people are anti hunting because it's cruel but think it's ok to keep their house dog in a tiny cage for 8+ hours a day while they're at work. Or even more so, how many mobidly obese pets their are in the world. I think if you see abuse, confront the person or report it. There is NO moral high ground for someone who watches this stuff happens and does nothing. If you didn't see it for yourself, recognize it for what it is. Propoganda. Everyone has an agenda. Remember, horses are on the list for these animal rights whacko's.

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