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Amber and Mac 09-01-2011 02:09 AM

Justin Women's Gypsy...
Does anybody own these boots? Or for a matter of fact, Does anybody own any Square toe boots? All of mine are either slightly pointed or rounded and I'm debating if I should get some square toe ones too. Personally I'm not a total fan of Square toe boots but the look of them on these boots look fine to me.

Justin Women's Gypsy Boots in Mushroom/Purple

Thanks for any and all opinions!

p.s. if i end up not liking these by opinions, any other relatively cheaper options?
I like boots from Justin/Ariat. Thanks!

edit; Oh! And if you do have these, Where do they go up to? Couple inches above the ankle? Mid Calf? How wide is the opening? Meaning.. Is there still lots of extra room to move your lower calves/ankle in? I have kind of bigger calves and most boots don't fit mine ):

TKButtermilk 09-01-2011 03:08 AM

I loove my square toes. They look awesome and are so comfy, I have the Ariat Tombstones. I had a pair of Gypsys and was really annoyed with the height, they (for me) landed at a really awkward spot above my ankle and because the shaft is so wide it moved around quite a bit and was annoying. If you're going to get a pair go for Ariat. The Fat Babys and the Rodeo Babys are all pretty affordable, definitely the same price range but better quality. Most Ariats have a support shank which believe me, makes a world of difference. Also the inside is leather, whereas its fabric in the gypsys. Also because they have more room in the toe a lot of the time you'll go down atleast a size for your square toes. Good luck!

ETA: I work at Boot Barn, I didn't even realize that's where you were looking!
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Poseidon 09-01-2011 03:38 AM

I'm on the fence about square toes.. I tried on Ariat Quickdraws and oh my gosh are they comfy inside. I'm just not sold on the toe shape though. I like the rest of the boot. (Except maybe the price, ha)

But I have really narrow feet with huge arches, so boots that fit me well are hard to come by. My friend has Gypsies and loves them, but Ariat is the only brand that fit my feet.

These are what I have: Ariat Women's Heritage Western Boots I'm fairly certain they were made specifically for my feet. That style also comes in about 6 colours, sooo not going to lie, if I were to by new boots, it would probably be these in another colour.

But if you do get a pair of square toes, let me know if it grows on you. I still really like these Quickdraws.

Wheatermay 09-01-2011 04:18 AM

I love the squared toe! Its still pointy enough to pick up the stirrup real easier, but roomy enough that my toes dont hurt, lol... I love Justins b/c they have a tread usually, and I need that little bit b/c I feel like Im walking on ice in a traditional cowboy boot. They usually come mid calf. (Mine are the knee high ones. I didnt like these b/c the boot neck was so wide, but I guess they are made that way so u can tuck ur jeans down in them too.

Dressage10135 09-01-2011 04:26 AM

I used to be on the fence about the square toe. I had never worn one, wasn't sure if I liked the look, and didn't think they would be all that comfortable. I bought these boots at a sale (they were marked WAY down. I wouldn't have bought them otherwise because the top is rather ugly :lol:) and I LOVE the square toe now.

Ariat Women's Zipitbaby Western Boots

ETA: Also, I agree about Ariat vs Justin. Ariat's are just an overall better quality boot and I find that most of my customers (I work in a tack/clothing store as well) are more happy with them than the Justin's.

sierrams1123 09-01-2011 07:21 AM

I am not a big fan of justin boots.
Maybe it is just me, but I am very hard on my boots and the pair of justins i had a while back did not last long at all.
I lived in a pair of twisted x boots for about 2 years and loved them, barn burner style. --> these boots are advertised by WPRA :)
I now have a pair of durango square toe boots that i LOVE!! flirt style.
I have also had a pair of tony lama boots that I really enjoyed, TLX.

good luck!!

WickedNag 09-01-2011 08:19 AM

Love my Justin Gypsies! But no square toes for me...didn't like them the first go round and not liking them any better this time ;)

Amber and Mac 09-01-2011 05:49 PM

Thanks for all the responses guys! I think I might go with the ones I posted and try them out just because I like the purple. If I end up not liking them I'll send them back and go for the Ariats. Although Ariat doesn't seem to have any purple ones in that colour! (Purple is my favourite colour!)

I am also surprised some people don't like Justins! I've had my pair for about 3-4 years now and they're still comfortable and are tough. Those aren't my exact pair since I got mine in men's haha.

I'll let you guys know how the Justin's boots are though. Might be a long time cause I figure I'll get them at Christmas xD

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