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ThaiDye 09-03-2011 06:37 AM

To shoe, or not to shoe?
That is the question. I have a BLM mustang & I read that mustangs do not need shoes (or blankets, for that matter). But I was wondering how much truth there is to that. Her turn-out area is mostly sand with some large rocks (think creek bed) & we mostly trail ride with some asphalt in town and some rocky creek beds. Diva (my QH) does much better shod than not, but Brandi (the mustang) seems fine barefoot.

I do pick out all my horses feet regularly whether they are being ridden or not & regardless of whether or not they get shoes, they get trimmed on a regular basis.

mbender 09-03-2011 07:06 AM

As long as your horse seems fine I would not shoe. In my opinion mustangs have super strong hooves and were born for all terrain. But as long as there is no tripping and soreness and the hooves are in great condition I wouldn't shoe. Why do you ask this question? Another question, do you put a saddle blanket on your mustang?
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ThaiDye 09-03-2011 08:02 AM


Another question, do you put a saddle blanket on your mustang?
I don't. I read they don't need cold weather blankets. It was an article in a magazine.

I asked about the shoes because I came home one day & the BO told me he had shoes put on Brandi for me. I got upset & told him she doesn't need shoes & he said "if you love your horse, you put the shoes on". Of course I love my horse, but the BO is an idiot sometimes & good intentions or not, he irritates me when he does things with my horses without asking.
Before anybody tells me to go somewhere else, please know I do not pay for boarding & the BO is my next door neighbor. While we have thought about boarding elsewhere, we simply can't afford it & I absolutely LOVE having my horses next door.

mbender 09-03-2011 08:06 AM

The BO went ahead and put shoes on anyway? Loving your horse has nothing to do with unnecessary shoes. Now because he/she did that it will take longer for your mustang to transition back to barefoot. Why would this person do something to your horse without your permission? Are you going to keep the shoes on? I'd be so mad.
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Oh. A weather blanket not a saddle blanket right? I was thinking you meant a saddle blanket. Normally any horse doesn't need a blanket. Depends on the horse really. Being a mustang I would assume not. Probably fuzzes out real nice. You need to talk to the BO about the shoes.

ThaiDye 09-03-2011 08:40 AM

I did talk to him (the BO). I was very mad that he did that. He did apologize. He was just trying to help. He has a lot of hands-on knowledge, but he can't read so he doesn't have any book-knowledge. I read a lot (maybe too much), but don't have a lot of experience with horses (just a little over 1 year). We usually balance out, but not always.

Since I don't pay for boarding, I do let him use a couple of my horses for lessons and such since 2 of mine are perfect for beginners. I did tell him, though, to make sure he asks me first in the future for anything regarding the horses.

mbender 09-03-2011 08:45 AM

I understand. But I hope that when you decide to have the shoes removed that he leaves them off. The bad thing is now the transition the mustang will have to go through to be sound enough to ride barefoot. I only know so much about shoeing and trims because my bf is a farrier.
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