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Fastestkey 09-03-2011 08:17 AM

Vet bill too high for senior horse?
I have a 20 something pony mare that belongs to my daughter. She had gotten kicked on her rump and formed a very large abcsess. She then developed colitis from antibiotics and had to be hospitalized. After a 2 week stay the bill is 4500. My friends can't justify spending that on an old pony. They say if she was young they could see it. They say think of the pony you could have bought for that. My feeling is this. Yes she is old but she is perfect for my daughter. I feel she has many years left in her. She hasn't been lame since we bought her she holds her weight well she is sound for wtc and crossrails and she has a great mind and is safe for my daughter which is why we bought her. Do any of you feel the same? Thanks

iridehorses 09-03-2011 08:25 AM

Welcome to the forum!

What someone thinks of a value that you put on something, I don't think it is any of their business. I would have a hard time justifying that for a pony but if a friend of mine did that, I feel that that is the value they put on their pony and their daughter.

20+ in an otherwise healthy pony is not excessive since they typically live longer then horses and that could be well into their 30s. The other question is if you didn't have the pony treated, what is the other choice - euthanizing?

maura 09-03-2011 08:55 AM

Do what you think is right according to your ethics, and for your daughter and the pony, and don't listen to anyone else.

I don't think that's unreasonable to question putting that much money into a older animal, however, if you feel it was the right decision for you and your family, that should close the discussion.

Personally, I wish there were more horse owners with your ethics.

MHFoundation Quarters 09-03-2011 09:04 AM

I commend you for it! I have several "seniors" myself. I'd not hesitate for one second to do whatever it took for them. I'm positive my friends & probably some family even would tell me that it wasn't worth it.

My response to them would be until you are writing the check what you think doesn't matter.

Not only that but finding a good, sane, safe older pony that is truly great for kids is not an easy task, absolutely worth it in my book! My childhood pony was my mom's childhood pony, she was with us until 38 yrs old! Those little buggers seem to live forever, you probably gave your daughter a lot more years with her pony.

themacpack 09-03-2011 10:57 AM

I feel sorry for these friends' parents when they get up in years and need medical care.

Golden Horse 09-03-2011 11:44 AM

This is such a personal decision for anyone to make.

I wouldn't blame anyone for deciding to euthanize in that situation, and have great admiration for anyone who goes ahead and has the treatment.

There is however no price that can be put on the peace of mind that a perfect pony gives a parent:wink:

MacabreMikolaj 09-03-2011 11:47 AM

It's worth whatever you think it's worth. Some people refuse to spend more then $800 on a horse, some people will spend $50,000. In the end, it's not like the $50,000 horse has any less chance of breaking it's leg, being euthanized and the owner being out a ton of money. Horses are a crapshoot, and if you KNOW you have a perfect pony, that's all that matters. 20 years old is YOUNG.

Some people will never understand the true meaning of the word "priceless". :wink:

smrobs 09-03-2011 01:20 PM

I agree with others, there is just no wrong and no right answer in a situation like that, it will depend entirely on each individual person's desires, needs, and feelings.

What I would do is weight the costs/outcomes of each individual route.

What are the odds that the pony will come out of this sound and pain-free?
Can you personally afford to continue on with the expensive treatment?
(rhetorical questions, you don't need to answer them except to yourself)

Basically, whatever you decide to do, whether it's continue to fight for the pony or decide that the risks are just too high, any true horse-person would understand the reasoning behind it and support your decision.

If you do what is right by the pony, your family, and your daughter, then you made the right decision. :D

:hug: Good luck with her and keep us updated on her progress.

Rachel1786 09-03-2011 01:56 PM

I think it's great that you were able to do this for your daughters pony, my old horse is 36 and if something happened to him I would do everything I could, but from a financial stand point what I could do would be very limited. Luckily I have access to a lot of veterinary supplies so as long as it wasn't something that needed hospitalization I would be able to do the care myself. Your pony could possibly have another 20 years left! People pay good money for a safe kids pony so when the time comes that your daughter out grows him(depending on how small the pony is) you could probably sell for a pretty good sum of money. As long as she is sound and comfortable I think you did the right thing.

Fastestkey 09-03-2011 02:20 PM

Thank you all for your opinions. I do feel I have made the right choice in saving her. I am having to sell my trailer to pay for her but I do belive that she is worth it. We bring her home on Tuesday and I'm sure she will be happy. She's a great pony that I felt deserved the chance. I can only imagine how many children she has taught in her days. She is a part of the family and my daughters best friend. This is her first pony and we have only had her since march, and has already taught her how to trot and canter as well as win her some blue ribbons!
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