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Jamzimm101987 09-03-2011 04:52 PM

Dapple Grey Horse Supplement
I have a dappled grey Arabian in training currently and as we all know they typically get lighter with age. He is beginning to turn flea bitten, so I am wondering if there is any supplement out there that will help keep him dappled?

I have heard of the Cheval silver horse supplement, but it is pretty pricey....also I have used paprika on dark horses and noticed a different because it changes the pigment of the hair when they are shedding out and growing new hair in. It won't work if your horse is already bleached out.

I am baffled on what to use...any ideas?????????

NdAppy 09-03-2011 05:26 PM

There is nothing that you can feed your horse that will stop the greying process, which is what you are asking to do. Unfortunately he is just going to continue to get more and more flea bitten.

Jamzimm101987 09-03-2011 05:52 PM

What about just helping bring out the dapples more? I know he will go grey, but I've seen so many ugly greys...I've heard Boss makes for a nice shiny coat and helps to bring out the dapples.

NdAppy 09-03-2011 07:35 PM

There is nothing you can feed ti specifically produce dapples. 90% of dapples are a sign of good health/feeding program.

bubba13 09-03-2011 11:06 PM

I might suggest bleach if the fleabites bother you.

Buzzby 09-05-2011 08:21 AM

OP you may think they are ugly, but u can bet your life other people DON'T

Jamzimm101987 09-05-2011 10:14 AM


Originally Posted by Buzzby (Post 1162685)
OP you may think they are ugly, but u can bet your life other people DON'T

Hmmm, that sounded a little rude. I never said I thought they were ugly, but my "ugly" comment meant a dull, lifeless coat. Either way it does not matter what other people think, only what I and his owner think. He is a training horse and the owner loves his dapples and wanted me to research to see about enhancing them.

Speed Racer 09-05-2011 10:39 AM

I have a fleabitten gray Arabian gelding. He used to have dapples. There is absolutely nothing that will keep those dapples from graying out.

He also doesn't have a dull, ugly coat. If you've seen grays with a coat like that, they're obviously not getting a nutritionally complete diet.

Grays have a sheen to their coat. Oh sure, they don't shine like the solid colored horses but a healthy gray will glimmer, fleabitten or otherwise.

The only coat enhancer you can buy for a gray is a whitening shampoo like QuicSilver.

Jamzimm101987 09-05-2011 11:32 AM

Okay, forget that he's gray...I'm not looking for a topical coat enhancer, just a nutritional supplement. There are many out there and I've seen horses on coat supplements vs horses that are not and the ones on coat supplements always look better than those that are not.

I am only looking for ideas to help enhance his coat a little. Elbow grease is most important, but nutrition is also a big part of it all.

Speed Racer 09-05-2011 11:39 AM

As long as he's being fed properly, there isn't a supplement you can feed him that's going to improve his coat.

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