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newbhj 09-03-2011 06:30 PM

Should I Wear An Ankle Brace?
Okay so I just recently sprained my right ankle for the third time in two and a half years.
Does riding make my already weak ankles weaker?, I've already sprained it twice since I started riding more (beginning of summer). I currently take three lessons a week. I really don't want to sprain it again, because it sucks and hinders my riding/school. I'm currently elevating my ankle because I sprained it at a show on saturday (I took a funny step out of a trailer tack room). It got a little bigger than a baseball after I had to walk on if for the rest of the show. Sometimes my right ankle aches slightly when I'm riding.
Should I get a brace for my ankle or start wrapping it before I ride? Or does riding actually make it stronger?

JessieleeZ 09-03-2011 08:21 PM

I broke my ankle in a fall earlier this year and am still having horrible problems with it when it comes to riding, i have tried everything from wrapping to brace and just leaving it . I try to at least ace bandage it every ride and sometimes it helps sometimes not.

VelvetsAB 09-03-2011 08:45 PM

Sprains can actually be worse then a break, because it can tear ligaments.

You might be better off riding with a brace, but a brace also won't help strengthen the ligaments and muscles around it.

There are excercises out there that can help. However, normally once you have sprained an ankle, you always risk the chance of doing it again.

Saddlebag 09-03-2011 09:55 PM

Specialist said that tears take a year to heal yet I was told to use full range of motion.

VelvetsAB 09-05-2011 12:55 PM

Because if you did not use full range of motion, you end up with a stiff joint.

vivache 09-06-2011 03:19 AM

I sprained my ankle yesterday while walking my dog. :( It sucks-- my first high sprain. I can bear 100% weight and walk about 90% normally-- I already have a limp, so this is just going to add on. This'll be ankle sprain #3 for this foot, and since I've started riding. I'm going to ask for a referral to a PT...

I've always worn a brace when riding up to a month after the injury. I'm usually good to ride a week following.

Amber and Mac 09-06-2011 12:46 PM

I suggest doing lots of exercises. They may be painful and annoying at first but in the long run it's definitely worth it.

I sprained my ankle back in 2006 and was told by my doctor to continue doing exercises after it was mostly healed. (i wouldn't do exercises while it's in the healing stage) I did do some exercises but I just stopped doing them and that was definitely a bad idea. The exercises will help restrengthen your ligaments or anything else that is weak.

If you don't do exercises and if you hurt it again you could end up like me and have mild/severe ligament/tendon problems (for several years. I've had this problem for 5 years.). If it does get worse I suggest going to a physical therapist and wearing a brace.

You definitely do not want to have ligament/tendon problems as it hurts 24/7 and it hurts to walk around on it for a long period of time. Riding does effect my ankle but right now I tend to ignore it..

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