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HorseLoverHunter 09-04-2011 01:48 AM

Balanced Landings
Lately, I have been having a little trouble with my landings. I haven't really had this problem before, but It has come up more and more the higher I jump. I will go up into 2-point and be fine until its time to come out of two point. I come back way to soon and pull on her mouth (not meaning too, I felt bad. But, she did get revenge on me when we want to go jump one, and decided to skip out, she went left and I kept going straight). But, when I come back, (on time or not), usually I will lose my balance landing and lean to the side or something. When we jump, I hold onto her mane to keep my balance, and usually I end up losing her mane. Would that be the problem of why I don't have much balance when we land? I wear gloves because I don't like holding the rains without gloves, but they get sweaty and slippery on the mane. Should I get gloves with more traction? The ones I have are old riding gloves my grandma gave me so there a little worn out. Also, is there anything I can do to make my release better? Sorry this is a little long.

Oxer 09-04-2011 02:02 AM

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i didn't like riding in gloves anymore cause i kept slipping the reins. i stopped riding in gloves (most of the time, esp if i jump big) and i only jump in rubber reins. it has helped me a lot. :)
sorry that i can't help you on much else.

HorseLoverHunter 09-04-2011 02:07 AM

Thanks! I use rubber reins too, and the only reason I don't like holding the reins without gloves on is because I have soft hands, but that is starting to change because of weight class for school. So I will try next weekend riding without gloves! =)

SpottedDraftRider 09-04-2011 06:05 PM

One thing I can say is that I am glad you are aware of what you are doing wrong. I did the same thing as far as pulling back on the reins and sitting in the saddle to soon. My instructor had me stay in two point all the way over the jump and a few strides after the jump. As for pulling back on the reins over a jump my instructor would have me place hands halfway up the horse's neck and hold onto the mane. I hope this helps and good luck!

anrz 09-04-2011 06:19 PM

Do you keep your weight in your heels? Perhaps you are pinching with your knees, and when you land there is nowhere for your weight to go. What I would do is practice a lot in your two point position, making sure you keep your knees soft and weight deep in your heels (don't force your heels down, but allow them to sink down with your weight). Something to be aware of is if you have equal weight in both seatbones. I tend to put more weight to the outside, and because I know this, I am aware while I ride and be constantly checking and fixing it.
I know you said that you grab mane when you jump, but if your gloves are slippery, then that may be why you are losing it. Try riding either without gloves, or borrow a pair with more grip from a friend.
It you come back too early, I would practice either a single cross-rail or a gymnastic (depending on your level) and work over that. Can you trust your horse to keep a consistent pace over jumps? If so, I would try this method. Grab mane a little less than half-way up the neck before you start, get up in your two-point, and trot towards the fence. Don't change anything as you near the jump, and make sure you don't lean forward as you take off. Maintain the same position before, over, and at least two strides after the fence, as it helps to keep yourself over the tack and from sitting down early. Keep all your joints soft, because if your knees are tight, when you land it can jar your position and cause you to be unbalanced.
Good luck, and I hope this helps! :)

HorseLoverHunter 09-04-2011 10:17 PM

Thanks so much! I think it was mostly because of my knees and my sweaty hands (lol). I will for sure see if I pinch next weekend. :)

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