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horsemom2be 09-04-2011 11:39 AM

Buying my first horse
Hey everyone,
I do not have any pictures for you to critique right now but I have been looking for a horse for the last 6 months or so. I have found three of interest but there are things I dislike about all of them for one reason or another.
I do realize there is nothing perfect in this world but at what point do you decide which things you can and can not live with when it comes to a horse? Temperment and quietness is a big thing for me but I also don't want to end up with a horse that is not physically built for what I want to do riding wise. I am looking for something that I can do basic dressage with, with decent movement, that can jump small courses and is quiet to hack out with no problems. What are some things to look for and what to be weary of when looking at horses?
Also if this post is in the wrong thread please feel free to move it!!
Thanks in advance!

WesternSpice 09-04-2011 12:26 PM

Ground behavior is a biggy for me. I absolutely can't stand for a horse that bites. What breeds are these horses you are interested in?

Julirs 09-04-2011 02:57 PM

I just went though this! I was also looking for a horse for lower level Dressage. This is my first horse, and I did not want to spend a ton of money. Luckily horses in Florida are plentiful and people are not asking much to unload them. I also have a wonderful trainer that walked me through the entire process. The first thing you want is a horse that will not kill you. LOL-I know that sounds funny, but although my guy can be less than willing, he is very protective of me and has never threatened to toss me. It did take me a few months, and I did not look at many horses, and the fact is I almost passed this guy up, and I am so glad I did not because he is doing very well. My biggest piece of advice, if you are less than horse savvy and have less than 20 years of experience-find someone you trust that does and take them with you to look at the horses. Go back 2 or 3 times on different days to see how the horse acts and rides, and get a PPE.

horsemom2be 09-04-2011 09:47 PM

I'm interested in Qh's, Paints, TB crosses, warmbloods ect. I wouldnt pass up something else suitable in another breed though. I'm not picky about breeding

Saskia 09-05-2011 10:45 AM

Its up to each individual to decide what is necessary. I would not compromise on temperament no matter how nice the horse. Most horses of most breeds should be able to do basic dressage and jumping.

When I go horse shopping I write what I want on paper so I know what I am looking for. I'd write ideal age, height, colour etc but these are the things I would be somewhat flexible on.

For a first horse I would look for something with a good reliable temperament, experience in general riding and hopefully in what you want to do and of course physically sound, and over all safe. I would not compromise on any of these points, and even now the only thing I would compromise on is their ridden experience. If you have enough money you can get all this, and the height, age and colour you want, but when you start imposing limitations, such as price, then obviously you have to grow more flexible.

You can get many horses in their mid-late teens that would be suitable for usually a very decent price. I guess it depends what you are looking for. Just keep looking at all horses you come across, network with people, horse people all know everything about each other. Contact the local clubs or stables and ask if they know of anything. The best horses usually pass hands without advertising.

Just wait, you'll know when you find the right horse. Follow your gut. And it can be really helpful getting advice on here, for critiques and such, but still get a vet check pre-purchase, and try and get a friend or trainer to give a second, unbiased eye and opinion.

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