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ShutUpJoe 09-04-2011 08:36 PM

Crit. My Horses Please
I tried to square them up the best I could on as even ground as I could. But when you are dealing with a person who doesn't know horses while you take pics because you are the only one who knows how to operate the camera... This is what you get. Ugh...

Mario is a 3 year old Gypsy Horse X Haflinger cross. He is about 14 hands high, not higher than that. My best guess was that he was not properly maintained in his youth because he lacks.. a lot. His sire and dame were both bulkier than he is now. I doubt he'll bulk up much... seems he is pretty narrow. His two year old sister is heftier than him.

This is not the way he normally holds his head. My husband was holding him a little too tight. Non-horsey people...:? And I'm aware he is still a little on the thin side. We've only had him for a few weeks now. I think he looks a lot better than what he did when he first got here. Oh... and we plan to use him as a trail horse.. possibly to pull a cart. We are waiting until the weather cools off to geld him. So, yes, he is currently a stallion. No, he does not act like one at all. In fact he's the sweetest horse out of all five. And NO I don't want to keep him as a stud. Ick...
Not sure why I'm posting this one...he's not even and neither is the ground
Picture from a few weeks ago.

He's got a huge head.
Narrow! Yes his hooves need trimmed. Farrier coming on the 12th.
Not sure if this is how he naturally stands : /

Cat 09-04-2011 08:55 PM

I wouldn't assume he isn't going to bulk out more - my haflinger continued to widen until he was almost 7. He may not get taller, but may get wider. Horses can "catch up" some despite early feed and care issues.

Even if he does widen out - he will most likely stay a bit base-narrow. Despite that his legs look good and strong and I bet he will stay sound for you. Nice big hooves.

Both his croup & shoulder look steep in these pics which may make for a choppy ride and the shorter, thicker neck is going to inhibit flexibility.

He does overall look more like a pulling pony than a riding one, but I bet he would be fun either way.

ShutUpJoe 09-04-2011 09:04 PM

Sophie is a approx. 5 year old grade mare. Supposedly a WalkerXQH but your guess is as good as mine. She doesn't gait. But I do see QH somewhere. She is a trail horse. Too flighty for much else. Found on the side of the road as a two year old tangled in barbed wire. The Humane Society took her and adopted her out to someone who ended up losing their job and trading her for board for another horse. We bought her from them. She's a great trail horse as long as she's not in the lead. Fantastic to ride alone when you aren't strong arming her. But she's nervous. Been trained with Clinton Anderson, I believe, and she does her absolute best to do something before pressure is even applied. I can back her from one end of my drive to the other just by wiggling her rope from the ground.

We are leaning toward having a vet come out and palpate her... She's looking more and more in foal and less and less hay belly. We've only had her for four monthsish...

ShutUpJoe 09-04-2011 09:06 PM

Cat- I hope he does bulk up... I know Angel was narrow when I got her and she is. But I assumed since he was 3 he wouldn't. ::crosses fingers::

ShutUpJoe 09-04-2011 10:57 PM

Ok I think I'll say what I see and you guys can tell me if I'm wrong.....


Short upright pasterns, but those are common in pony breeds, if I'm not mistaken. My Haflinger mare has them.
Steep shoulder, as Cat said.
Ugly withers. Not sure if that is something that will go away once he's bumped up on the weight. It's shark finish.
He does have a thick neck... and big head. Which to me is unattractive.
Weak looking hind end.
He is uphill and has a short back..

Pigeon chested, front hoof turns in.. her back legs are umm I think it's called camped out? short pasterns, upright shoulder as well... Short back, uphill, pleasant head and cute neck.

tinyliny 09-04-2011 11:21 PM

Mario is very cute. A narrow horse can be really comfortable for the rider to ride. Smoother walk than a very wide chested horse (less roll side to side)
He will be a good trail horse. I love his head.

the chestnut mare is pregnant by Mario? Hm m m .
She has really low heels and long toes with a low angle to her hoof. Cute head and neck . I see the TWH in her head.

atomic 09-05-2011 02:59 AM

I don't believe the mare is impregnated by Mario... she said she's only had him for a few weeks and that belly is way past that.

I'm terrible at critiques, but wanted to say how cute Mario is :) he seems like a sweet boy! At 3 he definitely still has room to grow, especially having draft blood.

ShutUpJoe 09-05-2011 10:26 AM

NO! I wouldn't do that! If she is in foal I'm guessing it is by her previous owner's buckskin QH stallion as that was the only stallion on their property. I'm hoping she isn't. But next week I'll call the vet to have her out.

Cat 09-05-2011 11:43 AM

I don't know why - but I sure do think Sophie is a cutie.

I love her head and neck. Her shoulder is a bit upright, but not all that bad and it all ties in nicely.

Her fronts are a bit pigeon-toed but it shouldn't cause too much issue. You can see the possible walker in her back end and the shape of those back legs - it looks like she wants to park out.

Let us know what the vet check shows.

ShutUpJoe 09-05-2011 11:47 AM

Thanks Cat, I think she's a pretty girl too. For shame that my farrier said she's ugly, lol. Could the low in the heel thing be fixed with trimming? They are on an eight week rotation right now and the farrier hasn't been out in about seven. So maybe she's long toed because of that? Excuse my ignorance on the matter.

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