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wild_spot 09-04-2011 11:04 PM

Boots for overnight in the paddock?
So - Show season is coming, too quickly!

In the past my horses haven't had white socks - But Lucy has two. I plan on doing lots of led classes so presentation is super important (Ick!).

I plan on clipping her socks out and using white cover creme - However, I don't have stables/yards so she has to spend the night before in her paddock. I have rugs/hoods, all good, but i'm torn on what to do with her legs.

I could bandage - But am always scared of bandages in the paddock as getting legs tangled would end badly.

I could get something like these leg wraps:

But i'm worried they would slip down?

I can get sheepskin boots like paddock boots that come down to the coronet - But they would catch grass seeds, and the makeup on her legs would stick to the wool.

So I was thinking stable wraps - Like a pillow wrap but with a neoprene boot holding it on so you don't have to bandage. Only problem is they might get hot?

Like these:

Any help?

aforred 09-04-2011 11:52 PM

They could help, but it depends on the horse. There are some horses that you just can't keep white overnight, no matter how hard you try :-| If you are going to clip the area, I would just get to the barn a little earlier and wash those socks with a whitening shampoo.

I did have a friend that used vetwrap, big tube socks, and duct tape, but that was usually not overnight, and it didn't do a good enough job.

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