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JumpersRule 09-05-2011 05:13 PM

For those of you looking for a horse, don't despair!
I'm currently on a search for my next jumper prospect. I haven't bought a horse in years and oh my! I forgot how a terribly detailed, long process it is! Who knew that finding the perfect horse that you are looking for could be so hard? And if you do find the one that you absolutely love and want to buy, they are about to be sold or they are already sold. It's a gruesome business, I tell you! :wink:

But then I think about my mare and how special I am to have her. When you finally find that special horse, all the phone calls, emails, driving, horse visits, and vet checks were ALL worth it! Even though this process can take a painfully long time to complete, I'm happy to know that my special horse is out there looking for me! :D

So for you lookers who are despairing along with me, despair no longer! Your special horse is out there, no worries! Whether it takes days, weeks, months, or years, you will find your special horse. Patience is definitely a virtue with horse buying! :)

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