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steedaunh32 09-06-2011 01:13 PM

I feel so guilty!
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So a few months ago I purchased my beautiful APHA mare. Coming from a background of OTTBs, it never even crossed my mind that maybe she wasn't getting enough food (because she's not ribby at all), but when the farrier came he didn't even recognize her. He thinks she's dropped about 200lbs since the last time he saw her. She is cow bred and has a wide frame, and I've just never owned a horse that is supposed to look that stocky and muscular - again I've always had TB's so I thought she looked fine. So now I feel horribly guilty that I was underfeeding her. We've upped her rations and are adding beat pulp to help put some weight back and get her muscle back. I know it's fixable and lesson learned for me; just a sad morning at the barn when someone looks at you like you're crazy for starving your horse! It was never intentional :-| Could use some pick-me-ups! Here are some pictures. Her profile shot is when I bought her and the one where she's tied was a few weeks ago. I do see that her topline is not where it was so hopefully with her increased feed she'll start to get that back.

gigem88 09-06-2011 01:37 PM

Don't beat yourself up, each horse has their own feeding requirements. I have 2 Arabians, but I also have my sister's QH. So, I'm constantly worrying if he's eatting enough or not enough!

aforred 09-06-2011 02:46 PM

Take a deep breath and relax. Now you know, and can formulate a plan. One thing you could do, which I just started doing, is take a picture once a month, on the same day every month, so you can track her progress. I just bought a couple young ones that have a lot of TB in them, so getting their feed right has been a challenge.

Good luck.

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